This week was our first official week of subject work – exciting! We were given our brief for our first project, ‘Camping time’, and the task of preparing a group presentation based on our own primary and secondary research on the subject of camping and the camping market. I chose to work with a different group for this task as I hadn’t mixed with them much last week and decided that it would be nice to get to know everyone on the course as well as experiencing working with different people – however, I soon regretted this decision when I found that I was left to do most of the work for this task. On a positive note, this allowed me to gain a good knowledge and research on the subject for myself. I also learned that I will need to be careful when choosing/joining groups in the future in order to complete group work successfully.


We also had our first sketching session with Richard this week. Unfortunately, I had to miss the first half of the session due to a hospital appointment so, joining half way through was quite difficult and confusing seeing as I’ve never had a lesson like this before or learnt the basic conventions of drawing and sketching. We began learning how to draw using both one and two point perspectives as well as curves and basic objects. Due to missing the beginning of the session, I went onto Moodle watched some similar sketching tutorials to the ones I’d missed in the morning, I followed the videos and completed the tasks given. After being very worried about being behind, with practice, I am beginning to understand and improve the techniques and how/when to apply them. We were also tasked with learning how to draw a sphere by next week.


We had our first workshop with Craig this week where he taught us the basics of card modelling. We learned about the tools used to make a successful card model and the basics of card modelling such as creating nets. I definitely underestimated the difficulty of making a successful, tidy card model and will certainly need to spend time practicing this in the near future in preparation for our project. For today, we made a simple cube net and learned how to draw and cut lines perfectly as well as joining pieces and sides so that the adhesive isn’t seen. Although some found this very basic, it was extremely helpful to me as I’ve never actually had to model my ideas. It was nice to get ‘hands on’ in the workshop and I look forward to enhancing my skills and attending future workshops.


We also had the opportunity to meet Martyn Woodward this week and learn about the Constellation side of the course. I’m quite an academic so am really looking forward to choosing our options next week and beginning the studies the following week. I’ve had a look at some of the subject options and am definitely interested in a couple and can see their relevance to Product Design – I really hope I get one of these options!

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