This week’s afternoon group task was to find a product advertisement from the 1950’s and to analyse it and identify any possible subtexts. Some common themes definitely became apparent to our group when researching these advertisements. We chose to analyse the Budweiser advertisement pictured. The advertisement definitely demonstrated  traditional sexualism of women doing everything for men while men traditionally fix things and do the dirty work. Here the woman seems to be rewarding her husband with a Budweiser for his work with the strap-line stating ‘the king of beers’ suggesting that if this man has this drink, he also will have connotations of a king. The first strap line ‘when theres life there’s bud’ is a selling point suggesting that with a Budweiser, the buyer will have a better life – Bud is what gives you life. Interestingly, all examples from each group demonstrated similar subtexts and selling methods. Advertisements have definitely developed slightly from this point. Such sexualism of women is no longer as acceptable although there are still many similarities in advertisement and selling methods.



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