Wednesday 25th October 2017 – Ceramics

Before today’s workshop, I’m not sure I would have considered using clay to help construct my models. However, the workshop helped me understand and learn that clay can be used for many purposes. It is a relatively cheap and easy form of modelling and all waste and offcuts can be recycled and reused very simply, unlike many other materials, where offcuts are seen as useless and therefore thrown away and wasted. We were tasked with modelling a small section of a building and its interior with the slab of clay given. We were taught the basic technique of crosshatching the connecting edges with a ceramics knife, before applying slip in order to ensure a secure joining for when the model is put in the kiln. All in all, I really enjoyed experimenting with clay modelling – it is definitely a technique and material I will consider using to construct my future models. I look forward to seeing what my sculpture looks like once it has been kilned.

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