Our group task this week was a life-cycle thinking activity. As a group, we considered everything we’d done from waking up to arriving at university by drawing a step by step storyboard. We decided collaboratively that we’d all showered that morning and that this was environmentally damaging on various levels. So, we went to it to decide on three design recommendations that would better the environmental impacts of showering. Some of the ideas were to have a local water collecting system for instance in each garden that would collect rain water saving the need to pump it from miles and miles away. Another idea we had was to make having a shower timer in each shower a regulation for instance capping shower time at 5minues for example meaning both water and energy is saved. We also discussed renewable energy ideas for heating water such as solar panels. One thing that I did notice with my group this week was that they weren’t very cooperate and didn’t participate much, leaving me to do the majority of the thinking work. I understand that this can be a problem with group work, I did what I could to encourage the others to contribute their ideas. Reflecting on this, I do believe that you get out what you put in and I really benefited from listening to other groups reflections when presenting at the end of the day. I particularly liked one groups idea of a bamboo toothbrush that has seeds in it so that you can plant at the end of its life cycle and watch it grow.

On reflection, despite having difficulties with the input of certain group members sometimes, I’m really enjoying these group activities and more so, the fact that we’re mixed in different groups every time enabling me to share thoughts and ideas with different people from different practices every week along with making a range of new friends from various courses.

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