This week was our last teaching week focused on our camping time project. The time has flown by but reflecting back on the project and the past weeks, I’m starting to realise how much work we’ve actually done and covered. My skills and knowledge have definitely expanded and continue to grow and expand every week although, I know that I’m still a way off from where I’d like to be in terms of the quality of my sketches, model making and work in general but I understand that this is only our first project and such skills develop with time and practice.

We started to look at sustainable practice this week which I found very interesting. I’ve been studying sustainable practice in constellation so this session really helped me understand and realise how sustainability directly affects and has an effect on my practice as a product designer. It also made me think about and helped me understand how I can start applying some of these sustainable practice principles in my own work.

Revisiting the project requirements as a group was really useful in order to narrow our focus to the requirements and tasks given again as it can be easy to lose focus and trail over a period of time, forgetting the main project requirements. Although with this, a realisation of time constriction definitely daunted on us and personally, I definitely started to worry more about the submission at this point. So, after this, I began writing a do to/project tick list to track exactly what I’ve done and what I need to do moving forward in order to have everything ready for submission in a couple of weeks’ time. I understand that we’ve got a new project commencing with Gareth next week so I will need to be strict with time management while balancing and preparing work for both project submissions. I am starting to get a little apprehensive as I’ve never had to prepare for a submission like this before while having projects running at the same time alongside other work too. I need to revisit and build upon my work from every section, initial research through to final ideas. I’ve ordered some new presentation folders and poly pockets so will also start filing and organising all of my work in preparation for submission.

We also looked at the group requirements for the submission. As a group, I think we’re in a good place in preparation for submission and have worked well together during the project as a whole, certainly considering that we were one of the only groups to be put together instead of choosing to work together. I’ll definitely come out of this project having made two good friends. So, we’ve sat together and planned what we need to do as a group in order to prepare for the group submission. Because of time constriction, we’ve decided to assign each person a task each;

Ollie – final model

Alisha – A3 presentation board

Amber – Video

I’ve always been aware of the video part of the submission however, it isn’t something we’ve focused on much as group so far. As I’m the only member of the group who has appropriate software to do so, and have collected the majority of the photo footage of the project, we decided that I would make the video. Although I’ve never worked on something like this before, I’m looking forward to developing my skills even further and learning how to use the video making software. Ollie has proved better at model making and Alisha at sketching so it has worked out well. Of course, we will consult with each throughout doing these separate things in order to give each other feedback and input.

I’m looking forward to starting our next project ‘Buzzy Creative’ next week and building upon my new skillset as well as learning new skills and techniques. It will be nice to move on to a new project brief and experience new teaching dynamic for a short 2-week project.

This week’s workshop was slightly different to what we’ve been doing so far. Before this workshop, I’m not sure I would have considered using clay to help construct my models. However, the workshop helped me understand and learn that clay can be used for many purposes. It is a relatively cheap and easy form of modelling and all waste and offcuts can be recycled and reused very simply, unlike many other materials, where offcuts are seen as useless and therefore thrown away and wasted. We were tasked with modelling a small section of a building and its interior with the slab of clay given. We were taught the basic technique of crosshatching the connecting edges with a ceramics knife, before applying slip in order to ensure a secure joining for when the model is put in the kiln. All in all, I really enjoyed experimenting with clay modelling – it is definitely a technique and material I will consider using to construct my future models. I look forward to seeing what my sculpture looks like once it has been kilned.

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