IMG_0526IMG_0457IMG_0465IMG_0466IMG_0468IMG_0490IMG_0513IMG_0530IMG_0531IMG_2335 2IMG_4077 2IMG_0796IMG_0362This week we started our new project ‘Buzzy Creative’ with Gareth Barham. I wasn’t sure what to expect given the name of the project but, was pleasantly surprised when discovering it was going to be about bringing digital interfaces to life as this is something I’ve never done before. This week focused on quick focused research and idea generation before turning these into 3D models. I really liked the pace of this, being given timed slots to complete each task by. Although, despite the fast-moving pace, the atmosphere of the studio remained very chilled out with background music playing – I liked this and worked well in this environment. It was interesting to discover Gareth’s slightly different way of sketching and rendering in comparison to the way we were taught by Richard in the previous weeks. We’re also following a slightly different design process this time, the Design Council Double-Diamond design process. We will track the progression of the project by referring back to this process. So far, I’ve enjoyed working to this process as it’s so detailed and easy to follow. It’s been nice not to have a confined brief as I’ve been able to let my designs run free – as long as it’s something digital with a user interface then it fits! I also found creating quick, concise mood boards in order to inspire designs very useful. Although it was an extremely quick way of researching, it was straight forward, concise and useful. I mostly created low fedelity, quick sketch models to begin with. Although these didn’t look the best, they were really useful in helping me develop my designs and decide where certain buttons etc would be best placed.

I terms of workshops this week, we turned to something slightly different. We began learning the basic skills and techniques of using Photoshop. Again, Photoshop is something I’ve never used before so was initially looking forward to learning some of these skills. However, I didn’t enjoy it at all. It became very frustrating at times with one click of the wrong button changing your work completely. So, I took the time to stay a little longer to understand things a bit better and I began getting to grips with the way it worked and did manage to produce a final display/image. I’m aware it isn’t the best but it’s definitely a start but more importantly, I now have some little knowledge on how to go about navigating the software.

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