Our task for this week was to choose one example of good, sustainable design within our practice and to create a short presentation on the example in order to present to the class. I chose to focus on a company called ‘Riversimple’ who I was lucky enough to work with for a short period of time while they were in the process of designing and creating the first hydrogen powered car. I chose this company as an example for a number of reasons including the fact that they design a whole service as opposed to a single product, they aim to reduce the environmental impacts of travel, they determine level of success on level of sustainability, they manufacture on a human-scale near the markets they serve trying to eliminate such transport and travel and the use of large scale factories and they have a nice work ethic as a company.

Although it took a long time to get through everyone, I found it really interesting and beneficial to listen to everybody else’s presentations in order to take some of this information forward in my own work. Everybody had chosen different examples and there was such a range of ideas shared. Some of which I found really interesting were the banana leaf leather and cow poo furniture concepts.

In the afternoon, we began focusing on the assignment title and layout which was also really useful. Following this week, I plan to begin really focusing on writing the essay but first, I need to choose the 3 examples of good, sustainable product design to use in my work.

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