This week we picked up from where we left last week. We began further developing our sketches by drawing with 3 and 4 point perspectives with the aim of producing a final rendered isometric drawing of our final design. I was both pleased and shocked at this point seeing how far my skills have developed – this drawing was far better than any I produced during the camping project! We then learned how to produce orthographic drawings for our final design and went on to render these too. We then began preparing to bring our screen interfaces to life by drawing a plan view of the digital interface screen and a state transition chart which indicated exactly what each button would do in response to being pressed. This was really helpful in going forward to create the working interface as I had a clear plan to follow.  Creating this using PowerPoint was surprisingly a lot simpler than I expected it to be. I really enjoyed bringing my product to life. After this, we laid out everybody’s laptops with their digital interfaces open so that everybody could have a look and try out each other’s in order to see what everybody had done and get some feedback. It was interesting to see how everybody had gone about designing theirs differently – I really liked the ones that had incorporated using video and sound.

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