WEEK 9 – Camping Time/Buzzy Creative Reflectionaire

Reflecting back on my first projects, Camping Time and Buzzy Creative, I’m realising how much I’ve learned and how far my individual skills and knowledge have developed. The time has flown and on the whole, I’ve really enjoyed. During the Camping Time project, I realised how much freedom this course will allow me within my work in comparison to my previous studies where we were usually narrowed to one research method, one design method, one development method, one testing method and one method of evaluation. However, during this project I’ve learned a range of methods for each one of these stages as well as being encouraged to use my own methods as well as exploring others. I’ve enjoyed learning about user centred design and how to design for a range of different people as apposed to only designing for myself. I’m definitely becoming far more observant as a person, noticing the relationships between people and objects/products.  Something I’ve never done before is create my own brief so, going out to set up camp and discover what people like, what they don’t like, and what they would like was a really exciting prospect to me. I really enjoy human ineraction so, I was really successful at this part of the project, encouraging people to come and interact with the products and tell us how they feel. The importance of a successful, enthusiastic and motivated group also became apparent to me during this project when the original group I was in took a back seat approach to the initial research task and presentation set. Following this, I decided that it would be best to move groups in moving forward with the project – I am certainly pleased I found the confidence to do this. Ollie, Alisha and I  have definitely worked successfully together, sharing the workload and consulting with each other throughout the project in order to move forward. I’ve definitely made 2 good friends during the process. I liked the fact that we were introduced to so many diferent methods of design and evaluation at constant points during the project for example the crazy 8’s and how might we tasks. They certainly helped and encouraged me think outside of the box and inspired new ideas. I also learned that CSAD love post it notes and more so, that keeping the used ones is a very handy and concise way of revisiting research and ideas – I’ll always keep them in the future! Through Richard’s sketching tutorials and Craig’s workshops, my skills in sketching, rendering, understanding both 2D and 3D forms and model making have improved immencely. Having never had to model my ideas in the past, I now have the skills to take my ideas into the workshop and turn them into low fedelity card and blue foam models. I’ve always hated the way I sketch and only ever used colouring pencils to add colour to my sketches however, now, I’m able to use a range of different methods and tools to sketch and render my work, giving it far more depth and form. Although I’m really pleased with how far my skills have come, they’re still not to a quality I’d like them to be when comparing them to some of my piers’. However, as mentioned previously, I understand that these skills only develop and improve with time and practice so, I will continue using and practicing them until I’m happy. I’ve decided that I prefer modelling with blue foam and rendering with pastels.

One of my biggest difficulties /battles during this project has been managing my illness and its reaction to the change in pace of being at uni and living alone for the first time. As a result of this, my sketchbook and workload is thinner than I’d have liked it to be but, I think the knowledge and skills I’ve learned are most important and valuable at this stage – I’m extremely pleased and greatful to have managed to be at uni everyday and not missed any contact time.

As for the Buzzy Creative project, it was definitely nice to move on from the theme of camping and on to a short 2 week individual project. It was certainly interesting to learn how Gareth goes about designing and the use of the double diamond process. I really enjoyed the pace of this project. Although the ideas I was developing weren’t of the best quality drawing, we were encouraged to work creatively and quickly, sometimes only focusing on the shape and form of the object. Interestingly, Gareth sketched and rendered in a slightly different, less formal way to Richard. This definitely opened my eyes and taught me that everyone has their own techniques and ways of designing and to be less critical of my own work when comparing to others. Before this project I definitely didn’t realise the capability of Powerpoint! Learning about products Graphic User Interface was very interesting as its definitely something that can be overlooked sometimes – I certainly never realised how much thought was needed in designing this part of products. This was something I found very interesting to learn and thoroughly enjoyed applying these skills to my own design, bringing the interface of my DAB radio to life. I must say, looking back on this project, I’m really proud of the work I’ve produced and seeing how far its come even from the last project.


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