My ability to externalise design proposals using a range of manual sketching, drawing and rendering techniques was build upon during this project. It was very useful and insightful to learn from another perspective during this project when Gareth taught us some of his techniques in the field of manual sketching, drawing and rendering techniques. I feel as if I’m now beginning to develop my own flare and way of designing/presenting/communicating my ideas. I also developed the skill to sketch from a 4 point perspective during this project to create my final design. I also built upon the skill to add detail and refine my orthographic view drawings in order to further use these as a basis for creating an interactive graphic user interface.

During this project, I was able to further build upon my skill to evaluate 3D form and ergonomic issues in a responsible and safe manner through the production of soft models in order to evaluate and develop my ideas. I think this point demonstrates itself well by just seeing some of the models I created during this project in comparison to my models from the last project and, even the models from the beginning of this project. I’m continuously learning new skills and techniques in this field as well as adapting and building upon the ones already learned. I also built upon my ability to create models of mixed mediums for instance, using numerous relevant materials to make different components that all come together to make one model. I also began experimenting with branding and adding elements of brands and their branding features to my models too. I also really developed upon the skill to create sketch models and use these as a tool for testing and experimenting in order to further develop my ideas – I really developed a love for creating different types of sketch models during this project as I find them so useful.

I learned to understand the role of the user centric design process in product development a little differently in this project. During Buzzy Creative, I focused more on developing the skills to understand the role of the user centric design process in product development in terms of the digital interactive graphic user interface of a product. I developed the skills to plan and create a working interactive user interface using powerpoint. I then asked for feedback off everyone who tested the model and observed them interacting with it so that I was able to pick out any gaps for improvement in order to make the experience as simple and as easy going as possible for the user. This is certainly a skill that I hope to improve on and apply in future projects. Below is the link to download and try out the simple digital interactive user interface i created for the Cath Kidston style DAB radio I designed. I wanted to create a very straightforward and simple experience for the user so created a very simplistic touch screen interface for the radio.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 14.51.37Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 14.43.27

graphic communication interface – DAB final radio

During this project, I used the skills that I’ve developed in order to propose solutions that demonstrate creative thinking whilst acknowledging user centred human factors. Through my sketching, soft modelling and graphic skills (as displayed above) I tested numerous user centred factors when proposing creative solutions. I tested ergonomics and anthropometrics as well as aesthetics and the overall user experience through my development in order to create a high quality outcome. As discussed in one of my blog posts from the project, there came a point that I was running out of creative ideas so took things back a step and began drawing some very fluid shapes and then adapting them into products – I found this method extremely helpful in creating new concepts. I also thought about how I could turn existing day to day products into DAB radios in order to help me think a little more creatively which is how the handbag style radio came about. As the time passes I am definitely developing more skills in terms of unlocking my creativity and gaining inspiration from different places. I was able to create a range of conceptual designs in response to the given brief as well as able to evaluate and select appropriate concepts against established criteria.


I enjoyed the change in pace and style of this project. This was also our first individual project so I really got to focus on my own skills and ideas. I enjoyed bringing in and learning some simple CAD during the project and developed an understanding of how producing this can aid my designs and developments as well as user testing. I hope to continue building upon all of the skills that I’ve developed during studio practice part 1 in order to apply and further improve upon them in the next module.

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