On Monday, we began our first ‘Field’ project. Although I’d heard of this aspect of the course before, I wasn’t sure of what it entailed altogether. After finding out that we’d be working and collaborating with the textiles group I was both apprehensive and looking forward as I’ve never really experimented beyond sewing with textiles before. I was glad that we were put into groups instead of choosing as it makes us work with and experience working with different people. In my group, there are four product designers; Rhiannon, Jordan, Franko and myself along with two textiles students; Lauren and Glesni. It was really interesting to see the differences between our discipline spaces and departments along with seeing the textiles students work and way of communicating their projects. I definitely prefer the open planned, clean studio space in the product design department but, so did the textiles students. I never realised there were so many different forms and ways of printmaking before being shown by the textiles students, I was certainly intrigued! After getting to know the textiles students a little better, I thought it would be a good idea to make a group chat including everybody in our group in order to keep in touch and share opinions and ideas over the next couple of weeks – especially over the Christmas break where we’ll all be working separately without seeing each other. Something else I found very interesting was the fact that the textiles students don’t tend to do research or create their own briefs, their practice seems very free range and open.

We were then introduced to our brief;

Presentation of an innovative lighting solution, taking inspiration from the style and approach to colour and light demonstrate by one of the following artist:

William Turner – Rough Sea with Dolphins

Claude Monet – Waterlilies

1916-1919 David Hockney – Mulholland Drive

Vincent Van Gough – Plain Near Auvers

As a group, we decided that our favourite piece to work with would be Waterlilies by Claude Monet. We were all most attracted to this piece for numerous reasons with both product design and textiles students agreeing that they could take inspiration from this piece forward into their designs. Thankfully we won this piece to work with in the challenge of being the quickest with me being nominated to represent our group. We then sat down as a group to interoperate and reflect on the piece of art by creating a mind map of adjectives. Hearing everybody’s ideas was very useful at this point to ty and interoperate and understand the artwork. It then came to creating our project brief, the product designers of the group definitely had a clearer understanding and idea at this point as we’ve created briefs before so, before creating a brief we helped the textiles students understand what it meant before making a decision: ‘Our brief is to design a new lighting solution that meets the needs of women aged 30+ on an income of over £40,000 a year. The solution must be intriguing, tranquil, organic, complementary and contrasting taking inspiration from Monet’s Waterlilies.’ In the afternoon, we were split back into our subject practice groups where we, in product design, began doing further research. After each individually creating separate mood boards for each of the 5 adjectives we’d chosen to incorporate in our brief, it became apparent that all of our outcomes correlated and were very similar which was good demonstrating we all had a similar understanding and knowledge of what each adjective meant.

I learned what a persona was this week, and how to go about creating one. I really enjoyed this activity aa it really helped me understand and visual the target market that we’d decided to be designing for during this project. I now have a thorough understanding of the importance of knowing exactly who you’re designing for by using the TIMES method. All aspects of the user and their life have to be considered including Time, Information, Money and Space in order to create a successful design/project. I’m also beginning to develop an understanding of how broad the lighting market/industry is and some of the technologies and materials already being used and incorporated in the industry.

I’m beginning to generate ideas to put down to paper of different designs. As its us product designers that will be doing the research for this project, we began making a plan of research ideas and methods to carry out over the next couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing this project develop and bringing everybody’s ideas from both practices together. I now have a better understanding of what it is and will be like to collaborate during this project.


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