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Researching as a group – We began to start researching into the current home lighting market as a group. To ensure our research was more concise and organised, we researched into a category/type of lighting each. Mine was wall lights. So, to gain an initial broad knowledge and breadth of information, I took an example from a range of retailers, qualities and price ranges. It was useful to discover that the other members of the group had approached this task with a similar method – so far we seem to be gelling and working well together as a group with everyone sharing similar ways of approaching tasks and working together.


With the 4 adjectives we provided in our brief, to ensure we all had a similar understanding of each word, we created a mood board per person on each word in order to demonstrate and share our understandings. Thankfully everybody presented very similar images and understandings with running themes of shapes and colour between each. We took some time to discuss this and began suggesting how we’d incorporate some of these things in our designs. One thing I would say is that it would have been useful if the textiles students completed this task with us too in order to ensure the whole group had an understanding in order to move forward with our work and ideas over the Christmas break.

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