PRIMARY RESEARCH – Online Questionnaire

In order to collect some further primary research, I created an online questionnaire using Survey Monkey. I specifically asked that only women aged 25 years and over answered my questionnaire as this is the target market our group had decided on and therefore ensured that the responses would be relevant to this decision. Personally, I don’t like long questionnaires and end up ticking any answers towards the end when I begin to get bored so, I ensured that the one I made was short, quick and precise with tick box answers but also an option to add your own words if needed. 58 people answered in total – not as many as I’d hoped for but still a good number for analysing.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.13.58

It was really interesting to see that floor lamps came up top here. I assume this is because of the wide range of different floor lamps available and because of this, there is one suitable for each room – you are not confined to using them in one type of room only e.g. bedroom. Desk and table lamps followed at second, I think this is because of a similar reason. These types of lights add personal touch and can add to the style of a room. They also can create and/or change the atmosphere of a room when in use e.g. when the main ceiling lights are off and lamps are on instead, a more chilled out, relaxed and wind down vibe is usually created.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.21.24

It shocked me that a traditional wall switch came out top here rather than some of the newer, more technical options e.g. touch censored or controlling via a mobile phone app. Perhaps this is simply subconciously  because its what most already have in their homes and it is what they are used to using. Or, it may be because they actually prefer this method and see using ways such as an app extra hassle? Dimmer switches came in second most popular here – people are increasingly choosing these as a substitute for main wall switches in their homes, they seem to like the simple ability to control the brightness of their lights with one simple movement. Sound/clap censored lights came in at least popular with no votes at all. This doesn’t surprise me for home lighting, these could be an inconvenience when recognising the wrong sounds as commandments. Despite the lack of responses, I think remote control and touch censored methods are still ones to consider especially for lighting such as lamps – perhaps we should consider a normal switch method alongside this giving people the choice to use the technology or not. The reason for this response pattern may be because of the age range asked – older women in this category are more likely to choose traditional methods in comparison t younger women who tend to be more custom to new technology focused methods.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.31.38

Alongside being more ‘green’ and supposedly saving the customer money in the long run, energy saving bulbs can provide the same quality of light as others so I’m not surprised these came out at top. Also, I think some people are probably actually unaware of what bulbs they’ve got in some products in their home for instance lamps that come with bulbs already so, perhaps this is why many of the options didn’t get chosen at all.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.35.09

Functionality was at the forefront of importance to people which is no surprise. Usually, if people are deciding to buy a lighting product it is for a purpose and to fill a certain function – to provide light to a chosen area. I thought aesthetics would com second here but actually, the mood and atmosphere created did meaning that the majority of people do consider the product further than its aesthetics. This is definitely an important point for me to consider going forward, I will need to consider the mood and atmosphere the type and style of lighting I design creates in order to be successful with the target market.  I think asking women makes a difference here too because they do tend to consider the emotional effect of products for instance lighting in this case creates, it can definitely be a selling point to women if created suitably and effectively.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.43.40

Lastly I thought it would be important to specify peoples age ranges a little more precisely than just 25 and over. The majority (43 people who answered) of people fell under the 25 – 35 and 36 – 45 categories which is useful as Amanda, the woman in our target market profile we previously created as a group, fell under this category too meaning the answers in this survey will be really valuable in moving forward with our designs. Despite this, its an added bonus if you can appeal to a various range of ages so it was good to have input from this varied age range.

For the reason that nobody chose to specify ‘other’ in any of the questions, I’d like to think that I did a good job of researching and covering all bases when it came to giving options for answers. Moving forward with my designs, I’m definitely going to start considering these responses in my designs and ideas.

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