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Camping time feedback:

I’m really pleased with this feedback on the whole in response to my first submission from both an individual and a group submission perspectives. I’m really pleased to read that the content of my blog is on the right track, considering and reflecting on my progress as the weeks go by has certainly been beneficial to my development on the course thus far. I now have the skill of the ability to thoroughly reflect on what exactly I’ve been doing/learning and how this has directly influenced and affected what I’ve done in moving forward with my work and learning. This is certainly a useful skill to have and I plan to continue to build upon and use this as a tool for development over my time on the course. Taking this feedback on board, I will revise the layout, appearance and typeface of my blog and correct this so that it is consistent and flows smoothly in order to increase the quality of appearance and professionalism. I think this has happened purely through accidental error not remembering to change the fonts before posting my blog posts. I will work to remember to change the fonts and keep everything consistent in moving forward while writing future posts.

I’m glad that my research portfolio was successful – I feel as if research is definitely one of my stronger skills at this point, I enjoy it and can always identify a good research plan/method to undertake. Looking back, I agree that some of this could have been carried through and included in the final video , research shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to the final presentation as the research indeed plays a key role in the creation and development of concepts. I’m going to bear this in mind when it comes to creating and putting together future final presentations.

I was nervous about having the role of creating the final video presentation as I had never done something of this sort before so I’m really pleased that it was successful for the most part. Going about creating this video has taught me that I do have the skill of teaching myself how to use new softwares in short time scales when needs be. I also now have the skill and ability to navigate and use iMovie to create video presentations and short films. Having the feedback and perspective of somebody outside of our work group has brought light to the fact that not all outsiders will know and understand your design without any context of use/explanation – something so obvious but something we were obviously oblivious to at the time because we were so familiar with the project. Next time I will definitely remember and consider this not only at the stage of presenting the final design but at other stages throughout the project too. I’ll also consider asking somebody outside of my course group to watch the presentation and give some feedback before presenting next time in order to try and weed out any of these teething problems beforehand.

In terms of the final design sheet being unidentifiable, this is also a needless error that didn’t need to be an issue. Although I wasn’t responsible for creating the final design sheet, as a member of the group I should have taken the time to look over this in order to ensure our group submission was as tight as possible. This is a lesson to be learned as all of the work was there, perhaps we should have taken the time to all sit down together one last time before submitting to ensure that every deliverable was obvious and identifiable to the reader/examiner.

I also received some feedback on some of my sketch work which as I anticipated, wasn’t as good as I would have liked but I know that this is an area/skillset that I need to spend some time focusing and improving on in order to be able to communicate my ideas effectively and successfully in a proffessional manner so, I’m going to buy some of the recommended sketching books as well as watch some further tutorials in order to spend some time over the coming weeks practicing and refining my skills. Instead of being disheartened by this feedback, I’m going to use it constructively in improving and moving forward.

On the whole I’m really pleased with how my first projects and submission have gone as well as how my skills have developed – I look forward to applying all of my new skills and knowledge in future projects.

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