COLLABORATE – Monday 15th Jan

Today I’m feeling slightly disheartened. Following my last post update, work hasn’t progressed very well at all. It’s certainly becoming more and more obvious how much better I am at the researching stage of the project. I can picture my ideas in my head and they look brilliant but, putting them to paper in the way I can imagine them seems impossible. Seeing other people’s drawing and sketching abilities during this morning’s presentations has made me feel even worse about my own if anything. I know everybody has their own styles of drawing, I just really need to be more confident in my own. This morning has also reminded me to be much more fluid with my ideas – original ideas aren’t instantly refined and perfect. In fact, they don’t always even need to be an exact product. I think I’ve definitely been putting too much pressure on myself and ideas, I just need to let my imagination run free and my ideas flow freely. I also like the idea of having a small notebook style sketchbook to hand whenever in order to note and record ideas as soon as they come to mind. As I’ve said before, practice makes perfect so I just need to keep at it. When it came to writing feedback on post it notes and sticking it to people’s work, it helped me evaluate my own and decide what I need to do to improve. Seeing what people had written on mine gave me a little confidence boost too.


When it came to seeing the textiles students work in the afternoon, what we were working with and trying to incorporate became a little clearer. I really liked some of the work and patterns produced and was fascinated by some of the textures and layers included. We began choosing our favourite bits from everybody’s work collaboratively so we could begin to think of a final solution and what bits of each piece of work it would incorporate. We began jumping ahead of ourselves a little bit by narrowing our focus on a final design too soon so we had to take a step back and re-evaluate our work and ideas.


I’m excited to be back and to get stuck back into work.

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