COLLABORATE – Tuesday 16th Jan

IMG_1983This morning’s focus was to generate a final design with the textiles students in our group by lunchtime so that we were able to present it in our tutorial with the technical demonstrators in the afternoon. As we made good progress yesterday, we had a good platform to take off from today. By having all of our favourite pieces and bits of everyone’s work laid out in front of us, combined with the possible ideas we discussed yesterday, we were able to take inspiration from these in going forward with developing final design ideas- this was really helpful. Between the different tasks set, each member of the group was presenting some really nice ideas. Everyone’s ideas were pretty similar in the form and style they took which was good as everybody’s ideas were heading in a similar direction. One of the textiles students made an interesting comment pointing out ‘as textiles students we think of pretty but as product designer’s you guys have to incorporate practical too’ this was something that was certainly reflected in our designs. Some of the textiles student’s ideas were very aesthetically pleasing but had no functionality or practicality when it came to actually turning them into lighting products. So, together we combined all of our favourite ideas to create our final design.

We spent some time as a group deciding on what type of technology we’d like to incorporate within the light and the logistics of doing so. We were all a little confused at times but by asking some people who knew more than us in this field, we finally found a smart bulb system that will hopefully work.


Joe (the tech dem we met with) helped us evaluate our final idea during our tutorial time. It was useful to know that he thinks the idea is doable but he suggested we needed a more refined, detailed design and that we needed to get hands on with testing our material choices.


After this session, everybody seemed a bit lost in what we were doing so I suggested that we make a plan of what we’re going to do. We’re going to gather samples all of the materials we’re thinking of using, the bulb and electronics and a sample print on a couple of fabrics and we’re going to meet up again on Friday and test all of these together first before jumping straight in to make a final product. After this, I think we need to remain focused and stick to one final idea in order to complete the project in the short time scale given.

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