Constellation feedback reflection – Thurs 18th Jan

Today I had my feedback tutorial with Huw Williams with regards to my sustainability assignment. I was pleased with my mark of 70/100 after slightly struggling with the change of academic writing style when doing the assignment. We spoke about the feedback given and discussed what I would need to do to improve my work if I were to choose to further write about this subject for my summative assessment next term. I need to remember to reference everything and back up all of my ideas with theory or references. I learned that it’s easy to reference good points because companies always provide good information with regards to what they’re doing but that finding negatives can be difficult to back up – I need to work on this. I really enjoyed and was very interested in learning about this subject last term so I’ll definitely consider taking this forward for my final assignment. In the meantime, I’m going to try and do some further reading around the subject and also learn to better my references and back up what I’m saying so that if I do decide to take this forward, I will be equipped to get the best mark I can.

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