The Meshwork of Objects – Week 1

I’m not too sure.

I wasn’t sure what to expect prior to beginning this subject course, although I’m now slightly more understanding of what to expect, I’m still pretty confused. At this point, it almost seems as if its common sense and somewhat looking deeper into, and beyond this. Its making me start to consider what different things actually are and what affect they have on numerous things or, in fact, everything. It’s all feeling very philosophical at this point. I’m starting to consider the backstory, make up, and substance of objects and therefore, in relation to my subject, products. I am beginning to consider the process of making, the tasks, and the theories that are involved – the task of making the biggest, smallest, tallest, thinnest man helped create and encourage these thoughts. I also began to learn about having your own submissions. When you work with materials and in the world of things that behave in their own way, despite your intentions, things aren’t always going to go your way. other things and materials have their own intentions too. So, you need to have your own submissions (e.g. be submissive to the properties of the clay) However, you get to know and learn the properties of things and how to work with these, you build up this level of inskillment. You need to be transparent and let the world revolve around you.

All of these ideas and theories are still a bit vague and disjointed in my head but I can see and understand how they all somehow link and therefore, apply and can be applied to my subject, product design. I look forward to trying to further and deeper understand some of these things over the coming weeks and most importantly understand how they can be applied by myself in my own work (even if its only a mental knowledge and consideration).


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