Things are finally starting to come together!


Although I’ve felt like I’ve taken a slight leadership role at times throughout this project and found it a little stressful on occassions, this last week its really felt like everyone has come together in a last push to complete the project and to get it finished. And, for this, we’ve definitely reaped the rewards with people making comments on how impressed they are and how the final project is better than they’d imagined! I’m actually feeling really pleased and proud, I’m really excited to see the final result now.

On reflection of the project as a whole, I’ve enjoyed and feel like I’m now able to adapt to a different style of working and am more able to open up to new ways of thinking e.g. from a textiles perspective. I would have liked to have more time (perhaps a week or two more) to focus on this project which would have enabled us to allocate more time at different points of research, ideation and making. We would have then had more time for a better evaluation and user testing process too. Our group hasn’t had any personality clashes as such, and everyone has agreed and participated in decisions throughout the project. One thing that could have been better at times is motivation. When ideas were running slow, sometimes it was difficult to re motivate the group and get ideas, discussions and decisions flowing. I’d say that people have contributed similarly equal amounts during the project but, it was difficult to find jobs for the textiles students at times. However, looking at the final project, I do think we could have incorporated the surface pattern more. I’m gutted that we didn’t have time/resource to incorporate our surface pattern reflective idea.

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