During this project, I creatively engaged with a specific theme which correlated with the given brief;

‘You are tasked with developing an understanding of the home lighting market, and current technology trends. Using this information, you will identify a suitable target market and present an innovative solution that meets the needs of your identified target market.

For this project, you will be taking inspiration from the style and approach to colour and light demonstrate by one of the following artists.

  1. William Turner – Rough Sea with Dolphins
  2. Claude Monet – Waterlilies, 1916-1919
  1. David Hockney – Mulholland Drive
  2. Vincent Van Gough – Plain Near Auvers

Your solution must be:

– Be designed to meet the needs of your identified target market
– Demonstrate an acknowledgment of the approach used by your chosen artist – Be stylised in response to the desires of your target market
– Presents high levels of functionality

As part of your submission you must consider:

  • –  your material choices
  • –  product stylizing
  • –  market trends
  • –  methods of applying surface pattern within your design development process’

The main themes for this project, which I engaged well with were, the home lighting market and current technology trends, Claude Monet’s painting Waterlilies, the collaboration of product design and textiles along with the logistics of combing the two – I applied all of the research methods learned to date in order to gain a good and thorough understanding of all aspects of the current market, trends and our client. I used a range of both primary and secondary research skills including internet searches, shop visits and the creation of questionnaires. I used my learning journal as a hub to note and collect all of my findings as well as making it a key factor to keep up to date with my group/team members and let them know my findings. I analysed all of this information and performed critical thinking in the generation of ideas and/or design solutions in response to the given theme and brief.

The images below are demonstrative of the points made above in terms of different forms of research, experimentation, the beginning of collaboration, technology testing etc. A wider range of images and explination can be found in my posts from the time of the project.

I came up with numerous design solutions individually as well as discussing ideas and creating new ones collaboratively with both product design and textiles group members. My sketching skills improved during this project but more so, my exploration and experimentation with pattern and colour in response to the given painting and the textiles collaboration as demonstrated in some of the ideation below.


My skills in both group work but, more importantly, collaborative work have hugely developed and broadened over the course of this project. I am able to understand and adapt/take on the skills needed to work in collaboration with another subject practice.  As a result of this project, I have the ability to work collaboratively with others, engaging in negotiation, prioritising and value forming with others as demonstrated in some of my blog posts during the project when faced with difficulties. I’m able to overcome hurdles when it comes to working in a group and organise/make arrangements so that everybody gets back on the right track of work. I then completed and produced outcomes which demonstrate proficient levels of technical and aesthetic skills as appropriate to the subject area. I was able to create numerous concept ideas and soft models to communicate these in order to evaluate and develop a final idea. Within my work and ideas, i was able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the key principles and possibilities of a subject specific response to a given theme as well as demonstrate an understanding of the complimentary or contrasting approaches different disciplines bring to a given theme. Again, these can be seen and demonstrated in my work throughout the project.

During this project, I also demonstrated confidence in collaborative work, identifying personal strengths within a team for instance in my blog post where i discuss taking on a leadership role in the team. During this project I demonstrated an experimental and interdisciplinary approach to idea generation and development, questioning subject specific orthodoxies. Along side this, I also employed a range of discipline specific strategies to generate and develop ideas, using appropriate academic sources.

On the whole, I really enjoyed this project and gained/developed some really important skills and ideas in both the field of product design and in the field of textiles collaboration. I feel like I am equipped with a good understanding of collaboration, what it requires and how to approach it. I look forward to further collaboration projects in the future.



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