Presentation Evaluation

Post presentation I was slightly disheartened. After feeling so excited, pleased and proud of our final product after a few ups and downs with designing and experimenting, I felt as if I had been wrong to feel and think this way. However, taking on board the feedback constructively, there are a few things I have reflected on and will remember in order to take forward for future and upcoming projects.

  1. Because we were given the textiles room to present in, I wasn’t familiar of this area and didn’t quite know how much room we’d have to work with and display on. Some groups were taking up double the space of others so we played it safe and just used one board and a table – looking and thinking back, we played it safe because we weren’t told how much we could or couldn’t use but, in industry, you’d want to stand out and be able to display and show off everything you’ve done so next time, if space limits are undefined then I’d definitely use more for these reasons.
  2. Keep and show everything you’ve done! Although Ive kept a good photographic record of everything I’ve been doing, I haven’t necessarily physically kept everything and if I did, I didn’t take it all to show in the presentation because I didn’t deem it ‘good’ or useful – I know that this mindset is wrong and that every model, experiment and prototype is a part of the journey and helped you get to the final model/prototype.
  3. Plan/practice presenting as a group – Despite having worked together throughout the whole project, we didn’t actually plan our presentation hence some silences. This wasn’t because we didn’t have things to talk about and discuss (which is what it could have seemed like), it was simply because we should have just taken some time to perhaps plan out the presentation  e.g. who was going to speak when and what about.
  4. Despite not being confident in my sketch work, I was pleased to hear some positive feedback on it. However, next time I aim to further improve on both the quality and  the quantity of my work and models.

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