Research – Visiting John Lewis

ruark stockists


Pictured above is a list of Ruark Audio stockists in the UK and Ireland. Due to having quite a high retail price, unfortunately, I will be unable to purchase one of Ruark’s products for myself to use and test out on a day to day basis. So, today I’ve been to John Lewis to see some of the products on display.



One thing I will say is that I expected the products to be displayed better and in more of a ‘stand out’ manner. I had to look around to be able to find them and not all products from the brand were displayed together. However, there was one feature display within the audio section and the Ruark speakers featured in this! The speakers aesthetic did not disappoint in reality, they looked just as I expected them too from my research and I could identify them from the mix of other speakers in the shop. I particularly liked the function dials that featured on the top of all of the different models, they felt really nice to use and it was obvious what their purpose was while still looking aesthetically pleasing in a sort of dome shape. I thought I’d prefer the coloured versions but I actually really liked the products with the wood effect too.

While I was there, I thought it would be interesting to look around at what other speakers were there too but particularly, which were displayed near the Ruark ones and which ones had a similar aesthetic.

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