Monday 19th February

Today has been very useful. You don’t always get a chance to look at and evaluate everybody else’s work so, seeing everyone’s work stuck up side by side was vey helpful in recognising different sketching styles after our sketching tutorial with Joe last week. I really like the look of the series of thumbnail sketches way of presenting work, I’m going to try and improve on this and do it more often during the ideation and conceptual design stages. After being disheartened by my sketch work at this stage of the last project, I was actually quite proud of this set of sketches seeing them stuck up on the wall, I’m definitely improving!


I was really interested to find out what words and adjectives people had chosen to use to evaluate and describe my sketches. Thankfully, most were as I’d hoped and anticipated.



Minimalistic, simple, unique, clean and modern were amongst the most popular words used which is certainly a good thing as these align with my mood boards and adjectives from my brief very well. The words such as futuristic were used to describe the more fluid shaped designs which were from the sketching tutorial and practicing after. Although I really liked these designs and, evidently so did everyone else, they do not align with my brand.



Crazy 8’s – I don’t usually enjoy this activity but, today I really enjoyed it and actually found it very useful. I think this is partly because my quick sketching skills are improving and therefore the outcome of a 1min sketch is now more meaningful and developed. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences between the sketches that other people provided in relation to the adjectives I wrote from my brief.


When it came to displaying our work again and marking our favourite designs, I struggled as there were so many good designs about the room following all of the different tasks and activities that we’ve completed! Perhaps it was my own fault for not marking my top 10 more obviously but people didn’t seem to flick through the pages to find their favourite, they just chose from what was obviously on display – this obviously hindered the results I got. However, I still managed to get a good feel for what people liked and preferred out of my ideas.

Moving forward with my work, I’m going to take on board everything I learned and found out from all of the activities in order to further develop and improve my designs and ideas. For now, I think I’m going to continue being quite free flowing and fluid

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