Tuesday – Modelling and experimenting


Today was spent continuing to model and experiment with 3D forms and ideas. I decided to begin by modelling up these two simple forms as they formed the basis of the majority of my sketched concepts. First things first, I’m definitely yet to enjoy modelling and need to refine my skills but, I definitely find it hugely helps my understanding of forms and sizes, what works and what doesn’t. Because of the type of epilepsy I suffer with, It affects my problem solving abilities and therefore, can make me struggle when it comes to figuring out sizes and how things work. So, once I’ve overcome working out basic measurements, modelling can really help me out with figuring out further problems such as the sizing and placing of other components as well as how these would work. Sketch models are certainly most useful to me at this point. Because of this, I plan to focus on continuing making a series of these for a little while in order to help with the development of a final design.

I was slightly confused as to why we needed to picture and print photographs of our models in A3 but it all became clear when we began the sketching workshop. I hugely benefited from this workshop – a lot more than I anticipated when first tasked with sketching onto these print outs. It was a really quick and effective way of working helping to change and develop ideas in a visual way. I didn’t limit myself too much with some of these ideas, I let them flow freely while really enjoying. This is a method of sketching and developing that I’ll definitely carry forward in the future, it was hugely beneficial! Having a professional from industry discuss work and ideas was also very insightful and helpful – its always nice to learn from as many perspectives as possible.

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