Live project week and Continuing with sketching, modelling and development

This week has been live project week! In a nutshell, its been hugely insightful, exciting and enjoyable. I think one of the biggest benefits to me this week has been working in mixed teams of different year groups. In only 2 days I’ve learned so much from the second and third years while being inspired by them also. We definitely bonded and worked really well as a team – this not happening was one of my biggest worries prior to the project! Another thing I’ve noticed this week is that since September and beginning the course/university, my ability to converse with new people has improved immensely. I feel that I’m definitely more adaptable as a person and now have more confidence in doing so too – as a result of this, I’ve even developed some new friendships during this project.

Meanwhile, with regards to our subject speaker project, I’ve been continuing with idea generation and sketch development as well as model making. I’ve even began to enjoy experimenting with CAD as I get to grips with it more and more. Entering the workshop to model make and discovering that there were no materials left was certainly a challenge. I managed to piece together some card scraps to develop a very basic model. This lack of materials somehow inspired a new idea of a more portable speaker in the style of Ruark as this is something they haven’t yet done. After enjoying last weeks sketching workshop so much, I was actually a little upset to find out that this weeks had been postponed however, I’ll keep applying the skills I learned and will look forward to the next session.



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