Evaluating feedback from concept design tasks

On reflection of this mornings task, I’m quite pleased with the outcome of the feedback I’ve received. In order to sort and evaluate this feedback, I grouped the post it notes on paper so that I could write comments and notes to gather my thoughts all in one place. This really helped in recognising trends and differences within the comments. With 6 correct votes, Ruark came out most popular which is good news. Some of peoples reasons for these guesses were ‘boxy shapes’, ‘square and simple shapes’, ‘large and boxy’, ‘looks like a hughstreet brand’, ‘use of a mixture of fabric and materials’. The second most popular was the Bose speaker. I can understand and appreciate the reasons given for this as all four mentioned the boxy and/or rectangular shape(s) and the fact that this is repeated in each sketch. This actually is a good thing to me as this is something Ruark do as a brand – they don’t venture away from the generic boxy shape they use.  For this reason, I will stay in keeping with this form. Interestingly, 2 people guessed the second brand which, in my opinion is confusing to me as this looks least like my sketches to me. However, some things I will take forward in consideration is the reasoning they gave for choosing this one; ‘controls’, ‘style’, ‘form’, ‘details’. It was interesting to find out that some people think my designs/brand is stylish and detailed because I see Ruark as very simple so, in reflection, I will consider why they think this and perhaps consider some of these factors in my designs.

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