Tuesday 13th March

I’ve really enjoyed this morning and have found it very useful and beneficial. Practically cutting up images of Ruark’s speakers and combining the different components to create new designs and ideas. This is something I’ve been trying to do mentally since the beginning of this project but now I realise that this is a much better and useful way of doing it because sometimes you can forget ideas or forget to include certain components or don’t even acknowledge some components! Although I’m yet to create whole idea that I think I’d take forward, there are elements of some that I really like and will definitely consider further. There are some really simple changes that have come from this task, just making small changes that I would never have considered for example, moving the main control from the top of the device onto one of the side faces. Perhaps simple changes like this haven’t been done already for a reason but they’ve been very interesting to explore. When I go home this evening, I plan to print some more photographs of different products by Ruark in order to carry out the same task again but with a wider range of images and components. I think the only thing that has held me back with this task is he fact that all of the images that I printed were pretty similar so this obviously restricted the range of outcomes that I could develop hence why I plan do to it again with a number of additional different images.

Having Stu about this afternoon was really useful. In my original conversation with him, I was a bit cautious and precious to show him my work, nervous that it wasn’t good enough. However, after talking him through my ideas and discussing a few of them, he was able to help me hugely with developing my ideas.

After being ill and getting to a point in the project where I’ve been quite stressed and behind, after this afternoon a feel like I have more of a sense of direction in the way that I’m going and am actually now excited at this point to continue developing my ideas.

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