Considering a theme/topic for exhibition

I’m considering using something thats very personal to me as a topic for my exhibition proposal – Invisible illness. I’ve been considering how I might do this in order to write about and I’m thinking that perhaps I could firstly show stereotypically ‘ill’ people e.g. with broken limbs in stereotypically ‘ill’ environments e.g. hospitals, hospital beds, doctors surgeries and then contrasting/juxtaposing this with a scene that doesn’t conform with peoples perceptions of being ill e.g. having somebody who appears well in these environments or normal day to day environments and then questioning what disability looks like?This certainly wouldn’t be undermining other illness but instead, focusing in on the fact that illness/suffering isn’t always necessarily visible to the naked eye – disability isn’t always visible. This curatorial would tie in well with a recent toilet sign campaign thats being run to voice a similar point (pictured below). I’m going to continue developing this idea over the next few days/weeks and considering the best way to curate it.






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