Monday 19th March

We spent the day today completing activities with Richard. Again, its been insightful to gain another persons opinion and suggestions from a different point of view. I found the lecture on presentation techniques and boards really useful as this is something I have been getting worried about. Moving on from this, the activities to complete the style sheet and a plan for a presentation board have given me a much better understanding of what is needed in terms of content and how it is going to be displayed. I’m beginning to develop some good ideas for this. I have also realised that despite not having chosen my brand, or heard of it before, I’ve actually landed quite lucky in terms of the content thats out there already provided by the brand and its sellers/stockists. Even at this point, I’m continuing to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of Ruark as a brand each time I work on the project. I’m continuing to notice new things and am then able to include and adapt them in my own designs. One thing I am struggling with however, is my CAD model. I’m desperate to be able to CAD well but am continuously finding myself frustrated and confused with the software, taking hours to complete one small part. This is really starting to worry me especially while seeing some of my peers/colleagues really well developed CAD models. I know a lot of this can potentially be sorted with more practice and time spent learning about the different tools on the internet. However, I definitely feel like further CAD tutorials/workshops would be really beneficial. Despite this, I’m looking forward to learning how to transfer these CAD models into key shot tomorrow in order to put them into context – I feel like this will really help bring my designs and ideas to life. Following my conversation with Stu last week, I have pitched my ideas to Richard this afternoon and as a result of a further conversation with him, have been able to even further better and develop my idea for a series of ‘portable’ speakers in the style of Ruark for a home environment.

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