Tuesday 20th March

In all honesty, today has been a bit of a blur with a less direction than yesterday. This has left me feeling a bit confused again. I began the day by rethinking and reconsidering my proposed presentation board layout by sketching and writing notes on top of my proposed printed version from yesterday. Something I’ve definitely learned about myself over the past weeks is that I learn, develop and gain a better knowledge and understanding of things by firstly printing a draft/first version of something and then physically sketching and writing on top of this in order to develop and direct my ideas further. This helps me get a much better picture of things and it is a method that I will certainly continue to use and transfer to a number of tasks. Doing this lead to me coming up with a few new ideas in terms of concepts so, I then got my sketch pads out and began putting these ideas to paper while they were still fresh. Doing this took me well into the afternoon where we were supposed to have our key shot tutorial. However, because Joe has been off ill, we were unable to have the tutorial. Because of this we have had the afternoon to carry on with our work individually with Stu’s assistance if and when needed. I’m really enjoying having different people’s input and opinions throughout the project as it develops. I suppose the only difficulty of this is that everyone has their own personal opinion and so, sometimes it comes down to making your own informed decision because you can’t always please everyone. Despite this, it is important to take all opinions and conversations on board and to consider everything whether it be from a tutor, peer/colleague, or anybody else you ask along the way.

At this point, the only thing I’m worried about is that today has been our last ‘teaching’ day before the Easter break and therefore, the submission, but people still seem to be confused as to whats needed next in going forward to prepare and present the final submission. Everybody seems to be saying different things so I guess that this is whats worrying me. I feel like we need one last lecture to bring everything together and map out whats left to do/bring together over the Easter in preparation for the final submission.

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