Preparing a press release

I was pleased to have been given this task of preparing a press release… this is much more down my street! I’m interested in branding and advertising so this ties in nicely. On first though of my press release i think I’m going to keep the design quite minimal and simplistic – very much a reflection of my own work as a product designer. I will include a basic overview, hopefully some images as a point of interest and my contact information/details and name/brand/logo very bold, clear to read and easily accessible. The colour scheme will be reflective of the work and logo shown in keeping with the minimal theme/style. I will also try and portray the message of the exhibition subtly within the press release so that its identifiable but not too obviously so that its giving away the whole exhibition. I will also include a list of any significant names/contacts that will be present in the exhibition for instance Crohns and Colitis UK as an even further incentive for people to join. This is one of the first tasks that I’ll look forward to completing over the next few weeks.


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