A loss or a victory?…

I’m not  sure whether to be pleased or gutted…

After spending weeks focusing on and following Ruark audio for our current brand alignment project and really believing in the potential of my final design/idea, just over a week before our formative submission, i received this email…


I was equally gutted as I was proud on first reading of this email. I was proud in the fact that I’ve obviously done well over the past weeks in identifying a gap in the market for Ruark, a demand for a more portable ‘wireless’ speaker/system that can be linked to and by a number of devices (something which they didn’t offer unlike many other brands). I also identified some key design features that are representative of Ruark as a brand in order to carry through in my own designs for successful brand alignment e.g. the main control, the materials, the shapes. However, I’m equally gutted as in theory, they’ve now beaten me to my own idea… and for this, i feel really deflated and gutted. I know that my final design is still unique and different to this in its aesthetics but, some of the key features of my design were the facts that its more portable, it can be controlled via an app, its wireless and it can be connected to and by number of other systems etc – all of these things that Quarks new design seems to consider and deal with. I guess this is a true representation of the world of design and that if this perhaps was a real world, real time project then theres a lesson to be learned in that theres not a moment to spare once you’ve identified a gap in the market because, the chances are, that somebody else has identified this same gap and is working tirelessly against the clock, and you, to come up with and create/release a solution. Despite this, it will be interesting to discover more about this product of theirs when its launched in order to really compare it to my designs and consider what I could have done differently in order to come up with an outcome even more similar to theirs.

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