Reflecting on my progress throughout this project

Reflecting and looking back on this project as a whole, I’ve really enjoyed. I have really enjoyed putting some of my new skills and theories learned from other projects to practice and am beginning to feel more comfortable when faced with a new project brief. Looking through my sketchbook (although I have still got a way to go) it is obvious that my skills and styles have developed and adapted hugely – it almost looks like a timeline of progress! The sketching tutorials during this project have really helped me develop the way I sketch and think about putting my ideas to paper. Likewise, my CAD has improved. Although even my final CAD model at this stage isn’t perfect or as good as some of my colleagues’, I’m really proud of it seeing as that prior to UNI I’d never used any CAD software and even after the CAD tutorials I still wasn’t confident that i knew how to navigate the software, I feel like my final model at this point reflects how much I’ve managed to pick up and learn with time and practice only over the course of one project. I was so worried about not being able to develop this model myself and put it into keyshot in order to render it and present it so I’m extremely pleased and proud to have been able to do this to some degree despite knowing that there is plenty of room for improvement and perfecting. Although it is good motivation and encouragement, i have stopped trying to compare my work to others as i know that I’ve put in more time if anything, it just takes me more time to pick up things. This project has also helped me understand my best way of working (something I’ve always struggled to learn about myself) I’m definitely best at working within the studio environment amongst others who are working too as opposed to being in an office working alone (weirdly this is where i seem to get most distracted) however, this being said, I definitely prefer working working on an individual project rather than a group one – this way I always know where I’m at with the project and what needs to be done – I seem to plan my time better. Something else that this project has started helping me learn/realise is the field of work that I’d like to aim for so much so that I have even began thinking of my own brand/business ideas! I loved the band alignment part of the project – I think that branding is definitely a field that I’d like to look into and learn more about. I really hope we get to do a similar project again soon!

Although the above states many things that I’ve learned during this project, if i were to do it again there are definitely some things I’d like to improve on. Sketch models are the most beneficial type of models to me in helping with my development however, i understand that these aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing or high fedelity in order to present so, next time, I’d allow for more time to make some ‘high fidelity’ models as well as numerous rapid sketch models (like i said though, these are what help me best so I definitely wouldn’t change this, I’d simply just add to it). Next time, I’d also like to go above and beyond the minimum sketch sheet requirements. Although I already have over the 50 sheet requirement, there are lots of extra features that i wish I’d completed more sheets on. I would have liked to have accounted for time to complete some more final design sheets too. In a nutshell, I should plan just some extra time for sketch work. In terms of CAD software, I know i have some way to go with my knowledge and skill but i think this is more something that will come with time, practice and some extra learning from watching tutorials and asking the tech dems. However, I’m really excited to be able to produce some high quality work of this kind in the future!

On a whole, I’ve enjoyed and am pleased with what I’ve been able to produce. I really hope we get to do another project of this kind in the near future so that i can put all of the above to practice and produce the best outcome possible.


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