During this project I developed the ability and skill to communicate and externalise design proposals using a range of manual and computerised 2D and 3D graphical techniques in order to present my designs and ideas effectively and proffessionally. Through workshops, tutorials and practice, I have developed the skill to use numerous new software’s and programmes in order to achieve this for example; Solidworks, Photoshop, Keyshot, Adobe illustrator. My skill and knowledge within these software’s has developed hugely over the course of the project and I think it’s quite obvious to identify this timeline in the development of my skills as the project progressed. Combining all of my skills in these different software’s and skills has enabled me to begin creating some really professional looking presentation boards. Hopefully, with some additional work and practice, I can develop these further to a really professional high quality standard that I can be proud to show my work on display.

I’ve further added to and developed my skillset in evaluating 3D form, ergonomic and user interaction issues in a responsible and safe manner through the production of advanced soft models. I’ve used all of my skills in this area to date and further built on them enabling me to make even better, more refined and more useful models for the development process. I’ve further developed my skills and ability to create rapid sketch models enabling me to experiment and test different components and ideas together too as well as use them for testing as part of the user centric design process in product development.


I proposed numerous solutions that demonstrate creative thinking whilst acknowledging manufacturing, technical, social and environmental factors during this project. In terms of creative thinking and the proposal of solutions in response to a given brief, I feel like I did really well in this project bringing all of the skills that I’ve learned, adapted and refined over the year to produce a strong portfolio of work that demonstrates the above clearly. As part of this, I created a wide range of aesthetically pleasing and technically feasible design proposals in response to the given brief. And, by using numerous evaluation methods that I’ve learned and picked up over the past year, I evaluated, selected and developed an appropriate design proposal against an established criteria (the brief/project deliverables).

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this project. Seeing all of the skills I’ve developed over the past year all come together to create a final submission that I’m proud to display is extremely rewarding. Of course, there is always room for improvement when it comes to skillsets but I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come. I plan to continue putting everything I’ve learned to practice and to continue adding to and developing my skills over the weeks, moths and years to come.

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