Monday 30th April – NEW BRIEF

This morning I was pleasently surprised to discover our new brief. Having expected to be starting a completely new project, I’m pleased that we’ve got this time to solely concentrate on our end of year show, gathering and bettering all we’ve done so far in order to present it professionally.

Todays tasks have made me realise just how far my skills have developed over the past year, and just how we’ve covered/developed/learnt. When it came to putting these down to paper in a spider diagram, I could have continued writing page after page once I started thinking about all that I’ve learned and all of the skills/tasks that feed into and from this. Having all of this information down in one place will be really beneficial and useful when it comes to start planning my final learning journal and portfolio layout.

Despite this, when it came to writing my 5 best skills, I did struggle a little. Although I’ve developed so many skills within different skillsets over the past year, I still don’t feel fully confident in some of these for instance, my sketching/CAD (although they too have hugely developed over the past year). The skills I noted as some of my best were; COMMUNICATION, ORGANISATION, RESEARCH, REFLECTIVE/ACADEMIC WRITING. Other peoples descriptives of me/my work were; SKETCHING, GROUP WORK, RESEARCH, TIME/TEAM MANAGEMENT. These two lists correlated well however, it was really nice to see that someone had complimented my sketching skills after still being a bit disappointed by my sketching progress.

Moving forward, I managed to make a good plan of what I’m going to include in both my learning journal and portfolio. I’m feeling positive about moving forward in preparation for this submission.


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