Having submitted all of my work for my first year, I’m feeling very proud and reflective in terms of my achievements and how far my skills have developed over the past year. Despite all medical challenges and health hurdles, I’ve been able to successfully enjoy and complete the whole year which is incredible as its something I’ve always hoped and planned to do but never thought I’d manage. I’m so pleased seeing my final submission, it being a reflection of just how much I’ve learned over the past year – I’ve managed to complete a professional looking end of year show entry demonstrating all of the skills that I’ve developed. I haven’t only developed skills in terms of the completion of professional looking physical work but also skills and developments in terms of my personal skills and professionalism for example, my public speaking skills and ability to get up on the spot and talk through a given subject confidently has developed massively. I feel like as an individual, I am a much more rounded, confident, professional as an individual in the field of product design. My passion for the subject has continued to grow and through both UNI work, and additional work and experiences outside of university, I’ve found a deeper passion for the field of inclusive and medical design through a lot of my charity work, personal experiences and planned work experience with the inclusive design company ‘Ostique’ which lies very closely with my passions. As well as this, in my spare time, I’ve been working on designing and developing my own personal brand which I hope to continue developing and hopefully make a reality over the coming months. I have made so many new friends and contacts within the field too, I have genuinely enjoyed and learned from every experience I’ve encountered thus far and look forward to taking all of the above skills, developments, experiences and lessons in moving forward to returning in the second year with an ambition to continue furthering and bettering all of my abilities in order to become the best version of myself as a product designer possible when entering the professional field.



http://ostique.co.uk/ – I’m going to be a key member of Stephanie’s upcoming project. I will play a key role on the steering panel of the project as well as play a leading role in the user testing and general creation, development and launch of the product/project.

https://www.justgiving.co./fundraising/amberdaviesccuk  – Alex Demain young fundraiser of the year 2018 shortlisted finalist

http://sophie-mayanne.com/ – I have recently been a part of Sophie’s ‘Behind the scars’ project

https://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk/ – I have been working closely with the charity on a number of projects and have participated in multiple research projects

I have also been involved in taking part in and filming with both BBC and ITV Wales – to be aired and linked soon.



Other previous experience includes work at:

Office manager at Catalina architecture – http://www.catalinaarchitecture.co.uk/

Experience at Riversimple Design – https://www.riversimple.com/the-design-of-the-rasa/







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