RELATIONAL WAYS OF KNOWING – Week 4 – Critical Paper Workshop

Despite gaining a good overall understanding over the course of this study group, and having enjoyed discovering and learning about new theories far more than expected, I have really struggled with writing the final piece of critical writing. I can’t pinpoint why exactly this is, whether it’s because I need further assistance with designing and mapping a title/question and the structure to follow or whether I’m out of practice and need further assistance and tutorial time when it comes to the techniques and methods of critical writing for example, being able to identify relevant and appropriate sources for analysing and using and then the ability to embed these sourced within my work and be able to reference them correctly. I think it’s the latter point that is my biggest issue and I understand that this will only develop with time, research and practice. This is something I aim to do in going forward, to spend more time picking up these skills and paying attention in learning how to apply them well.

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