This week we moved forward to studying two distinct different movements – post modernism and deconstructionism.

When it came to choosing a style to delve deeper into and design for, as a group we decided on the Memphis style as we’d all enjoyed the minimalist movement from the week before, we agreed that Memphis was similar yet different enough to concentrate on for this week. I was pleased with this decision as although I do enjoy a challenge, I feel that deconstructionism as a style goes completely against my own personal style, likes and way of designing. I feel as if developing designs in the Memphis style will be of far more use to me.

So, again, we split into our groups, (this time partly selected as apposed to assigned at random), and carried out the same initial research and observations including a FAM, emotional intent, and a CMF before heading our separate ways to use this for inspiration and guidance in our designs. I have high hopes for our team this week as I feel that we all have similar intentions and worked well as a team to carry out the research and design methodologies so hopefully this will reflect in our final presentation. I feel as if our team this week had a better dynamic and therefore, I felt as if I could take less of a leadership role as everybody had similar intentions and was willing to put in an equal amount of work.

Again, this week I’ve had to take a step back in a similar way to minimalism and evaluate what it is that makes the Memphis form what it is and strip back the complexity of my designs. I feel as if I’ve literally been putting different basic shapes together and on top of each other to create what could be, but don’t necessarily appear like new hair dryer forms. I also ensured to add splashes of colours to my designs early on because these are key features of Memphis design. I wasn’t too precious with this, just simply experimenting to get a feel for how our chosen colour palette worked together and what colours could be used for which components as well as where patterns could be incorporated. I found the ideation here so easy, simple modifications drastically changed some of the designs while sill being in keeping with the Memphis theme. However, a lot of my designs were still very 2D at this point and I struggled to visualise some of them making for interesting 3D forms because they were very blocky and basic.

I’m really going to try and concentrate on developing and building upon my CAD this week, something I really do dread and despise but at the same time really aspire to refine and better my skills in. I also have found that using a basic CAD model for developing sketches extremely beneficial in past projects so aim to experiment more in this sector too.



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