Having really enjoyed and developed a new found passion for Field projects during the last term, I was really looking forward to commencing my new assigned Field project for the next 5 weeks, Beyond The Barcode.

I chose this study group as one of my project options as the business side of the industry and generally the world of business has always interested me however, I have shied away from further pursuing this interest in the past because of the numerical and logistics side of it  ( I really struggle with remembering and understanding this aspect due to suffering with a specific type of epilepsy in the temporal lobe – the problem solving part of the brain) so nevertheless, was a little worried but didn’t want to let this hold me back and wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised when initially reading the brief and attending the briefing this morning to discover that this project delves much deeper into the overall design and aesthetics of a business rather than solely concentrating on numbers and profits. Having recently began delving deeper into the world of social media for advertising purposes, and been involved in projects within a couple of companies, my interest in creating my very own goods / services has grown hugely (Despite not quite yet being able to pinpoint in what exactly).

I really enjoyed this morning’s session and found it very interesting as well as beneficial in giving an overall better understanding of the aim of the project – I left feeling very motivated and inspired having heard Irene, Dewi and Alex speaking. As well as having a better understanding for this particular project, I feel like I have a better understanding of what the schools Centre of Entrepreneurship have to offer/provide. I now know what the Simply Do platform is, have made an account and am beginning to get to grips with how to navigate the site as well as a better understanding for the projects week by week breakdown and what is required for me to do each week.

I particularly enjoyed listening to Alex tlk through his timeline as a creative and found it very inspirational discovering and seeing some of the projects he’s worked on in the past – it’s definitely made me want to improve on my graphics skills over the course of this project so that I am able to create some of my own high quality, effective graphic designs (eg logo, advertisements) for my own brand. I’d like to ask/find out which softwares Alex uses/recommends for this and definitely feel a tutorial would be massively beneficial. I’m really looking forward to attending similar guest speakers lectures over the coming weeks, it’s so intriguing and inspiring to see/hear peoples journeys from where they’ve began to where that’s brought them now. I think this gives me a better understanding of the industry and helps me begin trying to plan and understand the path that I’d like to take in my own career over the coming years. I made lots of notes during this session and will be sure to look back and refer to them, as well as the presentation slides, when moving forward to complete the weekly tasks set. It was also really nice to have a change of scenery from the Product Design studio and be in a new working environment – I definitely feel that this helps with concentration, focus and new idea generation.

I’ve learned today that every detail matters and counts when it comes to designing a brand however big or small. What you think as getting a small detail to the brand wrong, could actually be detrimental to its success so attention needs to be paid to everything and every decision/detail needs to be well thought through and justifiable – a brands story is everything! Another thing I discovered is that it’s better to simplify than to overcomplicate/design things – more minimal designs tend to be the more successful and aesthetic.

Moving forward from here, I’ve began making notes on some of my potential ideas for the project. I feel like I have a general direction that I’m moving in but am still yet to refine it / decide what exactly it is going to provide as a product / brand / service. However, I’m extremely excited to get stuck in and begin research and ideating. I have created a google docs file so that I am able to collate all of my findings and development in one accessible file and will keep this up to date adding everything I do as I go along as well as using this, my learning journal as a method for gathering my thoughts and reflecting as the weeks go by.

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