Today was Pecha Kucha day…

Despite presenting in front of a class/group of people on a weekly if not, daily basis in my subject practice as a Product Designer, I was apprehensive to present today. I’m not sure whether this was because it was in front of a new group of people/staffing team or, because i chose to present on a very personal subject.

However, I was first up so bit the bullet and gave it my best.

What inspired your brand / business idea?

I began by discussing how my brand / business idea stems from and is inspired by chronic illness’ – in particularly bowel disease and people (young people) who’ve undergone bowel surgery.

Moving on, I decided to show some of the current medical products available on the market/NHS for those who’ve undergone specific bowel surgery to form a stoma whether it be temporary or permanent. I discussed the aesthetic of these products and how they’re very medical, plain, mundane, boring, non personal etc and how this may affect ones desire to wear these items proudly.

I showed how in a lot of my research that there seems to be a common stigma/stereotype for these particular people in literature for example books, magazines and journals categorizing those who have this particular surgery as elderly.

When actually… There are all kinds of people / demographics with these illness’ and undergone these surgeries. I tried to demonstrate this using a varied mood board of images including an image of myself as I myself am one of these patients which is where a lot of my inspiration, motivation and passion for development within business and design in this field comes from.

I included a mood board of some of the existing medical companies that provide appliances and equipment to patients – again, these all very mundane and plain which inspires me to design in a complete opposite way.

Moving on, I looked at some more competitors within this small market but this time, those of who are designing and making different garments and accessories for this particular market. These logos were very different and of a much higher quality feel. They feel more luxurious. I’ve done a lot to understand these competitors and analyse what it is they do, how they do it, why they do it, what their prices and products/services are to fully understand the market and therefore try and situate myself within this market and figure out where abouts I will sit and how I will differentiate myself. Something that is on my side is that this isn’t a saturated market – there are very few real competitors which really allows me freedom with my ideas.

I made a board of different logos that I’ve found that I like for different reasons. I particularly like the simplistic ones that are well thought through and designed so still eye catching.

I then collated multiple images/cartoons relevant to the topic of my brand so that I could start considering creating some logos for myself. All of these relate to the brand / reasoning for the brand somehow. I won’t necessarily directly use any of these in my work but I might use inspiration or adaptations from them.

Throughout the development of my idea, I’ve kept a list of words/adjectives that are relative to my brand/business idea and I continue adding to this list when anything new springs to mind so that I can begin playing around with these words/phrases to create a brand name, strapline, manifesto and values.


I was really pleased with the feedback I received following this presentation. Having been quite nervous in the run up due to it being such a personal subject in front of a group of people I don’t know. I was glad to hear that the group, in particularly the subject tutors were supportive of my ideas and my theme for choice

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