I was looking forward to this mornings lecture with David Wrenne, programme director for graphic design, as the graphics and visual presentation of my business / brand is important to me and due to coming from a product background, I feel like I need better knowledge and practice in the field. I expected this lecture to be solely graphics and logo creating based however, I was surprised and taken back by how much history and heritage is behind typography and branding etc – I found this really interesting and it got me thinking about how I might use this knowledge to influence how I might create my logo and present my brand in terms of many things e.g. typefaces, colours, imagery, sizing etc.

One tip I found very useful and liked was the tip to think about a logo as the size of your fingernail and so, if it works here, it will work anywhere. I will certainly bear this in mind when creating my own logo as I definitely feel like I’ve been overthinking and complicating this element.

I’m beginning to grow great appreciation and respect for smartly thought through brand names and logos – they are actually very technical and mathematical as well as well as artistic and design orientated. I Really admire this and hope that over the weeks, I can work to create my own successful brand name, logo, brand persona etc.

Today I’ve been switching between numerous elements of the project including planning, website design and the biggest, creating a name and slogan / strapline. I’ve made a good start in getting all of my ideas on paper. I began by making two lists, the first of relative medical terms and the second of adjectives – I began mixing some of these words creatively to see what came out. There are a few of the outcomes that I quite liked initially; OSTO+ME , OSPIRE , STOMCHIQUE , INSPIRO . Some of my streamline ideas are as follow; ‘ASPIRE TO INSPIRE’ , ‘CHRONICALLY INSPIRED’ , ‘BRINGING THE INSIDE OUT’. I’m still undecided even after discussing them in my tutorials this afternoon so plan to continue adding to and developing these ideas over the weekend in preparation for my tutorial with Alex on Tuesday.

I’m still really pleased that the supporting tutors are supportive of my idea and believe it has potential. Some further brainstorming and discussions with Dewi, Irene and Cath has helped me develop a better understanding for the direction my brands heading in.


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