This project has provoked me to be very reflective on what it is that I do, what I’d like to do as well as what I’d like to be. The answer to this is definitely becoming a lot clearer throughout the duration of this project. One thing that has become apparent to me is some of the skills that I’d like to acquire and make the most of during my time here at CSAD so have started to make a list of the skills / workshops I’d like to acquire / complete over the coming weeks / term / year;

  • Fashion / Textiles – I’ve surprised myself with how much interest I’ve developed for the Fashion Design course and some of the skills the students there have. Some of the things/skills I’d really like to develop are forms of stitching (particularly on clothing e.g. t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies), forms of printing on fabric whether this be screen printing and using machines or forms of more hands on approach.
  • Digital software – This is something I’ve always been aware of and a skill that I’ve always wanted to develop having had minimal tutorials in this field in our subject of product design. However, during this project I think this is becoming increasingly obvious and important that in fact skills in some of these softwares are transdisciplinary and almost essential. I hope that I can get some further tutorials or follow some online tutorials in my own time in the field of softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe photoshop. I also hope to delve deeper into some other softwares in this field to begin creating promo photography / videography and web design.
  • Aside from this project and my business idea, this project has made me realise that my skills as a product design student are very unique and important and I’ve realised that I need to appreciate and make full use of these as well as work hard to ensure that I’m continuing to build and develop upon them.



I’m pleased to have been successful in contacting the relevant people and finding the right workshops for both screen printing and digital stitching which commence over the following weeks – I’m really looking forward to developing skills on these areas and hopefully begin to apply them in some my business/product ideas in moving forward. I’ve also booked onto some laser cutting workshops to improve on my skills in this area. This project has really made me realise that I should make the most of my opportunity here at CSAD and some of the opportunities for development they have to offer as its unlikely I will get some of these opportunities again in the future. Bearing this in mind, having really enjoyed the theme of the project, I plan to keep an eye out for any further workshops run by The Centre for Entrepreneurship order to continue building upon my skills and knowledge in the field of business.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 13.57.26.png

In terms of digital software, I’ve been trying to make myself more accustom to some of the softwares available in UNI e.g. Illustrator and photoshop as well as developing new skills in the field of digital sketching. I’ve found digital sketching using the softwares Procreate and Sketchbookpro extremely quick, effective and beneficial over the course of this project. Although my skills here still have far to develop, I’m pleased with how they’re coming on and look forward to continue developing and applying them in my work.

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