I’ve started to think about the different marketing and promotional strategies I may choose to use when building my business/brand. I’ve decided that I’d definitely like to use this opportunity to plan my website as this is a platform that I’d definitely like to build upon for multiple parts of my business. Having had multiple discussions with Dewi with regards to this already, I’m hoping that with his and the Enterprise Team’s help, I can bring this website to life. Dewi has given me a few tips to consider before I get started;

  • To consider my URL when creating a brand / business name – it’s important that the URL of the name I’d like to use isn’t already taken so I need to do my research before hand.
  • Then, once I’ve decided on a name I need to secure my URL so that nobody else takes it (This may cost a small fee but is 100% worth it!)
  • Research diferent websites and website layouts I like – pick out which bits I in particularly like and consider how I might use these in my website design
  • Create a page for my new business/brand
  • I should then look through all available layouts on here, including the premium options and buy one that I like / feel is most appropriate – In doing this, I should thoroughly think through my target market and those who will be visiting my website. Who are these people? What are they looking for?
  • Leading on from the previous, before actually creating any of these links, tabs, options etc I should perhaps plan it out on paper in multiple drafts, test it out and see what people think.


Here is the very initial sketch Dewi and I came up with when initially thinking of who will be using/visiting my website and for what reason. Some of the initial things we came up with were; 1. Family / Friends / Colleagues of sufferers – They might be visiting the website for information in terms of learning about what their loved one is going through exactly and how they might be able to support / help. 2. Sufferers/ patients – Depending on what stage of their journey they’re at, it’s likely that patients will be visiting for similar sorts of reasons. They might be visiting for support. They may be visiting the shop section for products / merch. 3. Other Brands / Companies – Might be visiting out of interest but most likely will be visiting to get in touch for some reason e.g. collaborations so will need a contact page.

As I develop my ideas further and begin considering designs, I will continue adding to this page of my blog so that all website related work and development is all concisely in one location. I will support this information with visuals of my developments also.


I’ve been doing some research into website design and making mood boards on both medical websites to see how they’re designed and appear when you follow their links as well as finding different websites that I find aesthetically pleasing so that I can take inspiration from them in order to move forward with creating designs for my own website.

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 13.10.28

I really like the aesthetic of the website below. I feel its stylish, classy yet fun and intriging with its use of imagery and pops of colour. I like how the subheadings are clearly and neatly laid out along the top alongside the company name / logo.


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