I’m not going to lie, I was partly dreading my first tutorial back with regards to constellation / my dissertation. I didn’t complete as much prep work for it as I would have liked to over Christmas as I was still rather confused as to what I wanted to focus on or what direction to head in although I was pleased to discover that Martyn is my supervisor as I really enjoyed his teaching style last term and seemed to click well with him. Having been studying a business focused topic in my Field module over the past weeks, and thoroughly enjoying it, I’ve been seriously debating shifting the focus of my dissertation to a business plan instead.

I enjoyed the tutorial and was glad to discover that some of my product design peers had been placed in the same group as me. I was intrigued to listen to their ideas and see how everyone had taken a different approach to the task. I really enjoyed discussing through the different ideas and contributing extra ideas and opinions and vice versa, was intrigued to find out about what others thought of my idea. I made sure to take lots of notes during this discussion. I definitely feel like I have a bit of a clearer idea now of what is required for this submission and what stages I need to work through. I’m pleased Martyn liked my idea and believes that it is a strong concept for dissertation focus however, now need to make my mind up on what format dissertation I would like to write. I’m currently swaying towards the business plan idea however, aim to do some more research over the next week or two in order to help develop my ideas and make my mind up.



Once I have made my decision, I will get in touch with Martyn to let him know so that we can decide on whats best to do in moving forward with preparing this submission.


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