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As shown in the above image(s), having made 2 lists, one of all medical words related to the project and one of all adjectives to describe my brand / business, I began merging and combining words in aim of creating a name for my brand / business that has meaning behind it yet, poses a feeling of a higher end brand rather than a feeling and aesthetic of some of the medical brands that I’ve previously analysed and discussed. This was completely experimentive and creative, not being too precious of my ideas just putting pen to paper and seeing what words I could come up with / create. I really enjoyed this process and was surprised with how much this helped me in being creative with words rather than sitting in front of a blank screen forcing myself to come up with names for my brand which often lead to either copying exiting brand names that I like or, being very boring with my ideas. As mentioned in a previous blog post, here is the list of some of my personal favourite ideas for both brand names and, some of the streamline ideas that I began creating;

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 16.25.17.png

I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks that this element particularly is very subjective – what one may think is a perfect name, another may think is awful and, of course, every opinion has its reasoning so I should consider this carefully and take every piece of advice as well as the reasoning behind it on board but most importantly, always think back to my customer and market, what is it that they’d like? I plan on continuing to add to my ideas while continuously asking for feedback and opinions. I plan to make a definitive list of my top 5 for example, and then work from there. In this stage I will try and get feedback from my audience as well so that I can develop a final brand name and strapline that not only I love, but am confident my audience and others will too. I have just purchased an iPad Pro so aim to begin learning how to use this effectively as a tool for helping develop my ideas i.e. for sketching out appearances of how my name may look, deciding on typefaces and developing logo ideas. I will use this section of my blog from here on to note and show my developments in this area of the project. I really look forward to developing and working on this element of the project until hopefully, I develop a name, streamline and logo that I am proud of and can use when actually bringing my brand / business to life in the near future.


I prepared and developed some of my ideas further ready for my tutorial with Alex with regards to name / logo / strapline. I showed him my ideas and presented my favourites / top ideas. I was so pleased with his reaction / feedback having been worried that I’d been overthinking / being over creative. Between us we chose a final name and strapline (subject to finalising / a couple of further bits of research. Alex began putting pen to paper and we started to chat through some potential ideas as shown below;

brainstorming with Alex.jpg

Although this is basic, I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders as this is something I’ve been really stressed about getting perfect. I’m pleased because this is the name I most liked. I definitely feel like I need to better trust my own gut and instinct when it comes to things like this because since stressing less about it, I’ve realised how perfect this name is (ironically it was one of the very first I came up with). Over the next couple of days I’m going to continue working on and developing the typeface and aesthetic of my chosen brand name ‘ OSTO ME – BRINGING THE INSIDE OUT’.

Before 100% deciding to go with this name, I researched the word ‘osto’ and whether it actually had a meaning first as the last thing I want to do is use a word that has a completely different meaning to what my brand is about. I’ve attached some images of my findings. Although it has a couple of meanings in a couple of languages, I’m confident that its appropriate and won’t be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

I began further developing and experimenting with some of Alex and I’s ideas by hand, not being too precious to see what I could come up with. I made sure to gain feedback off Dewi, Irene and my peers at this point to continuously question which ideas were more successful than others and which everybody preferred.

… However, I soon discovered that although its very useful and insightful to gain the opinions of others through these development stages, this kind of thing is very personal and can be very much down to personal preference. People tended to favour different designs. What did this mean for me? It meant that I continued to experiment with my ideas, not favouring anybody in-particulars judgements – I decided that although all opinions/comments were helpful, this brand is very personal to me at the end of the day and stems from my story so to appreciate all opinions and the reasoning for these but to overall go with my gut at this stage.

After experimenting with some of my ideas by hand initially, I moved on to experimenting digitally with an iPad Pro – this was very useful in getting a better idea of what my ideas would look like professionally presented and I was able to edit my ideas quickly, experiment with fonts, sizes, thickness’ etc a lot quicker. Again, I wasn’t being too precious with my ideas initially – just simply trying to be creative and free, seeing what I could come up with.


I haven’t yet decided whether to use a logo or not. Again, this seems much down to personal preference and when getting advice there seems a split between those who think a logo is a lovely idea and those who advise to steer away from it completely. I’m not going to reject the idea of a logo in the form of a graphic or an image completely at this point but I’m going to bear the above in mind and if I do decide to experiment with logos then to keep it quite minimal and simplistic yet try and create something meaningful and symbolic to the brand. Below are just some basic sketches I’ve been doing while testing my ideas.




As I previously discussed, this is an element of the project/business that I very much over worried and struggled with. It became difficult because everybody had such different opinions and comments about. Anyway, in the end, i decided to go with my gut (or whats left of it). I decided to keep it sleek, stylish and minimal because this is very much reflective of my taste and style as a designer. It wouldn’t have made sense for it to be overly graphically complicated or comic styled as some feedback suggested – Although this might have been cool, I don’t feel it would have reflected me or the brand and its product to follow, it wouldn’t have matched and therefore wouldn’t have been successful. However, I still wanted to be creative with it and add some meaningful/personal touch. For those who don’t know, a person who’s undergone stoma surgery is termed an ‘ostomate’ their stoma is their ‘ostomy’. I wanted to use this word to form the basis of my brands name. So, I decided to play on the word ostomy however, making it personal to me, and the customer as they read it directly involving them. The pronunciation of the name is important as it needs to be interpreted to be pronounced in the same way as ostomy so, the ‘me’ was to be separated from the ‘osto’. To reflect the strapline ‘bringing the inside out’ (which I will discuss later) I decided to place the ‘me’ inside the last ‘o’ of the word. I also chose a very equal weighted, rounded typeface so that it included perfect circles that represent the shape of a stoma.

Moving on to the strapline, this also has a little bit of a double meaning – bringing the inside out is representative of bringing feelings, emotions and knowledge from the inside as a fellow sufferer and pouring that out into a business/brand that is more empathetic to the customer. The second meaning of the strapline relates to the surgical procedure of creating a stoma in which they make an opening in the abdominal wall and pull a remaining part of the colon / ileum through to form the stoma.

I really do feel strongly for my choice in business name and strapline, I really believe in it and feel it relates strongly to not only the business but to me and the customer also. Some outsiders may not understand the meaning of the name and may feel it a bit random but this doesn’t matter to be as they’re not my customers. As long as my customers understand and relate to it then that’s all that matters to me. I’ve reached out to a few sufferers and they’ve all really liked the idea, have been able to read and understand it and have given positive feedback in the means that it feels high quality, its attractive and it feels like it has purpose to them.

Prior to beginning this project, I had zero graphic communication skills so have tried to adapt what I can of this as the project has progressed. I think this is reflective in my work from starting off simply by hand to moving into digital and trying to teach myself and experiment with some of the softwares available. Although I love the name and strapline, I hope to continue building upon some of my skills in this area in order to be able to professionally polish up the quality of the final outcome for when my business hopefully becomes a reality.



Looking back to the lists of words and adjectives that I made initially to form inspiration for my brand / business name, I realised that a lot of these in fact, form my brand values. I took a further look at these and picked out the key ones that I felt best to form my brand values. These words are really meaningful to both the business and I. I bear them in mind and look back to them on regular occasions when working on this project as a reminder of what I’m doing and why. I want my brand to be hugely inspiring, stylish, functional, forward thinking and beautiful. I want it to create a sense of community and evoke a feeling of belonging to the customer and therefore be welcoming and homely. It will be hugely empathetic and understanding. I want my passion to shine through and to comfort and inspire others wherever they are in their journey.

brand values.PNG

what we do.PNG

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