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INSTAGRAM – I’ve already created an Instagram platform for my business / brand. I wanted to ensure that I could have the domain/ name I wanted so took it before anybody else could

Instagram is currently my main platform in terms of my non profit personal business / brand that forms a community of people like myself with chronic illness’, stomas, IBD etc @ambersostomy so, I already have some knowledge of how to network, perform and control an Instagram platform. However, I understand the platform for my business will be slightly different in the way that it’ll be slightly more formal. Despite this, it will still be very visual however, I will still aim to provide some useful content for free whether this is within the imagery or, in a caption that the image provokes. I will only share images and information on here that relate to or, market my brand.

Interestingly, Dewi spoke of his (and many other business’) strategies in terms of how they go about creating content and sampling its success. The appearance of the content is extremely important and has to be thought through differently for different platforms. So, Dewi suggested a couple of handy ways for doing this which I will bear in mind when it comes to beginning to plan and map out my own content. Firstly, he provided some links to sites that you can use to create free sample posts which is really useful in helping see how posts will appear across different platforms. I plan to explore these links and hopefully test them out over the following days/weeks; . Another strategy, something so easy and simple which I don’t think I’d have thought of doing myself is to have ‘fake’ private versions of each account which only you, or a select few who can help you out with feedback have access to. This way you can test out posting your content and play about with how it appears as well as getting some feedback before you post this content on your live account for your customers to see. Through doing this, you ensure that you provide the most appealing, successful version of what you’re trying to put out there, rather than a version which might not work so well. – A free tool for searching hashtags, their popularity and engagement

  • Think of who your competitors and customers are, see what they’re doing/using, where they’re checking in, what they’re buying – use this as a source of information to target your own content.
  • Engage with your target customers and lead them to your page


HASHTAGS THAT I MAY USE IN MY OWN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Using Hashtagify, the website Dewi told us about, I began exploring and testing some of the hashtags that I feel may be relevant to the content I post – it was really interesting to see the trends and popularity between some of these. This is definitely a tool that I wouldn’t have thought of using before but will certainly use in going forward with my brand into the near future to ensure that I’m using hashtags that are relevant and on trend for that given time.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 14.42.33.pngCURRENTLY POPULAR

It’s important to remember that hashtags change with trends and with whats going on in the world at that given time. A good example of this within the audience that I’ll be marketing at follows a recent tragedy in the USA where a 10 year old boy, Seven Bridges, who had a stoma recently took his own life after being tormented and bullied by his school friends. Absolutely distraught and feeling helpless following this tragedy, the stony community formed a hashtag to encourage people to be more vocal about their stoma bags in aim of raising awareness and understanding in the hope that in turn, this will lessen the likelihood of similar tragedies happening again. The community demonstrated this pledge by using the hashtag #BAGSOUTFORSEVEN – As demonstrated in the graph below, there was a huge spike in this hashtag over the course of that week or two. As an entrepreneur in this field, I amigo be in the know and up to date when it comes to trends such as this and therefore, be able to include campaigns and trends like these within my own posts to ensure that I’m capturing the correct audience.

CREATING YOUR OWN HASHTAG / TREND – Another idea I thought of was to possibly create my own hashtag that people used in their posts when posting about my company/ services. I think this would be a cool way to outline the community that are engaging with my products and services as well as hopefully attracting a wider audience through the sharing of this.

  • I could think about using my slogan as a hashtag to form a community between my followers that are interacting with my business / followers  – #bringingtheinsideout
  • I could use my brands name – #OSTO.ME



The people / influencers I use don’t necessarily have to have extremely large scales of followers however, their followers must have a relevant following base in terms of my customer / target market and a good engagement with these people – in this case, it doesn’t matter to me whether these individuals have tens or thousands of followers, I will just need to be aware of who exactly is following them and what their engagement is like. I will also be sure to know what kind of content they produce, I don’t want to have my brand being demonstrated amongst imagery and information that my brand isn’t about as this will start creating the wrong and unclear image for my brand and what its about. It’s important to me that my influencers have the same values, goals and aspirations to me / my brand meaning that I will have to be careful and aware of this when choosing individuals. Each and everybody within this community is different in their own way so I will assess what additional things some may be able to bring to the table for example, some have different health problems, some have multiple different platforms, everyone’s of different ages, different careers etc etc. I have included some of the accounts / people I may look to initially to use as my brands influencers. These are people that I’ve engaged with in the past and find their content and what they’re doing hugely inspiring and informative. They all have relevant followings and all produce content that are in line with my brand.

When it comes to working with and choosing influencers for my brand, these decisions won’t be taken lightly and different collaborations may be tailored differently to particular individuals. For example, I may reach out to certain individuals (or vice versa) and discuss my products with them / offer to send them free goods in return for them to display them on their social medias if they like them. Others, I may offer them financial incentment to show themselves engaging with my products on their profiles – these can be provided in many ways including commission, commission links, affiliate links, a sum of money per post, more money for certain posts/ engagement e.g. YouTube, discount codes for their followers… the list is endless and different things will work differently for different influencers and the content they can provide for me / their followers – over time I may find that certain methods work more successfully than others and therefore steer to only using certain methods.

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On the whole, I aim to be as engaging as possible with my followers and make use of all social media features e.g. with Instagram using the posting facility, Instastories, IGTV, Inbox, Likes, Comments etc.

The Instagram page / platform I’ve began creating / designing for my business ‘OSTO.ME’

I’d like my Instagram platform to be sleek and attractive in its aesthetic – I want it to be informative and a place that people enjoy visiting.

I’ve been taking some time to do further research into influencer marketing, I’ve started watching many videos and reading lots upon the subject and am beginning to learn how it works – it’s definitely a lot more complex than I ever realised or noticed before starting this module but is extremely intriguing and actually involves a lot of thought, mathematics and algorithm. I’m starting realise that a lot of it can be quite manipulative and dishonest . It’s business at the end of the day and a lot of companies are only in it for themselves. Whatever the case, I want to ensure that I steer away from this being the case with my companies. I’d much rather have fewer influencer relationships but to ensure that these are sincere, honest and on the same page with me in terms of what we stand for with the main aim / goal to help improve the lives of those sufferers rather than having multiples of influencers pumping out content that I can’t keep a track of or don’t necessarily agree with.

As mentioned previously, I’ve also made a wordpress page (website page) and business email address which all have the same name which makes finding and remembering each much easier for the customer/audience. Having spoken to Dewi, I’ve now learned that I need to purchase a domain so that I own my website name and that nobody else can use/take this as well as research into WordPress layouts and potentially invest in one of the premium layouts here so that I can have a website design that I really like and believe suits my company as well as fits the purpose it needs to. As discussed in a previous post, I need to thoroughly plan this website / layout, who will be visiting it and for what reasons. Although this may not be within the time scale of this project, I will continue to seek feedback with the decisions I’m making in this field and attend workshops to help ensure that I’m doing this best as well as to gain any new / extra knowledge in this field. Over time, in my spare time, I plan to continue adding to my website, its content and its design as well as adding to my knowledge in this Field. I’m going to continue seeking advice and help when needed so that someday in the near future, I can launch a website that I’m really proud of and that works successfully.


In terms of other social medias, as on the SimplyDo platform I have discussed Twitter and Facebook, their uses and who would be targeted in particularly on these. If anything, I will be more inclined to create a Facebook page first which will be very much similar to the imagery content I provide on my Instagram account. However, there would probably be more information on this account as there is a lot more space for it. This would also be useful as well in order to link to my Instagram and create it an official business account.

In terms of the email address, I will use this for business purposes only. I will provide this on my website, Instagram and any other social medias so that it is easily accessible and people have a means of contacting me with regards to anything to do with the business. I will also include it on physical documents such as business cards, leaflets, receipts etc.

When it comes to marketing and launching my business for real, I will need to create physical marketing products too. I will need to include my logo on things such as adverts, flyers, magazines etc. So, I decided to try and design some business cards because this is something I will need as a promotional strategy when it comes to launching my business for real. I decided to keep these minimal to begin with so that they match my aesthetic thus far (this has potential to adapt with time as the business develops and physical products emerge).

business cardsbusiness card holdong


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