I found Tuesday’s lectures extremely informative, firstly delving into social media marketing with Dewi and then, reviewing the project and its deliverables with Irene. I knew social media marketing is currently a huge thing and has been ever growing over the past few years but, I didn’t realise that there was such logic and theory behind it – I found this extremely interesting and feel it is particularly relevant to our current generation. As a result of my current growing instagram platform, I really  enjoyed the information that Dewi had to share and found it both really interesting and helpful.

Last week, we also were fortunate enough to have a lecture/presentation/workshop delivered by Jayne Pierson, a high end luxury fashion designer. She looked at branding and got us thinking about how particular brands make the customer feel and look – how might we evoke these feelings in our own brands? She also spoke of the importance of choice of wording and a brands voice along with many other contributors such as music, location, colour, texture – all of these things contribute to a brands identity and feeling showing that every single choice we make in this field has its own relevance and importance. I hope to start giving these factors deeper consideration when I’m planning and designing my brand/business as a whole.

Jayne recaped on the importance of brand values and ethos and particularly the  relevance and importance of these and sticking to them in everything you do as a brand – Jayne taught us that as soon as you’ve made a connection with your customer / audience on a particular level, then you’ve pretty much already sold the product.


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