After seeing some of Jenny Kate’s video marketing examples particularly, I was really inspired to start planning my own. The difficult thing in my case at the moment, is that I don’t yet have any physical products to market, just my ideas and myself as a brand. However, this doesn’t stop me from creating ideas to create video marketing campaigns. I was trying to picture ways that I could market my story and myself which could then lead to my brand and in the future, my products.

The idea I had is as outlined in my quick story board;

  • To go to Pen Y fan, The Brecon Beacons, Wales and climb the mountain
  • I will get someone (preferably with some camera/videography skills) to come with me and capture the journey there, up the mountain and back down.
  • The weather needs to be at least dry if not sunny
  • We won’t need to take much equipment, I will drive us there, we need to take plenty of water and a few snacks, a good quality camera with plenty of storage space (I already own)
  • I will show whoever I take with me, some examples of the kind of video footage that I’m trying to achieve before we go so that I can ensure we’re on the same page and both know what we’re aiming for
  • Once I’ve got the footage, I will take some time to edit it all and pick out the good parts edited, I can figure out how much footage I’ve got to work with in terms of creating background sound / speech
  • My aim is to script my story in terms of my medical journey (in a very short form) but to include all key movements / features / developments while visually not a lot is shown just some of the journey to Pen Y Fan (potentially some of the preparing to go), some of the views en route and climbing as well as some imagery of me climbing the mounting with short blanks / pauses between each key bit of information. There may be some use of music in the background depending on what works / sounds best but this music will have no lyric and won’t be too overpowering because the key sound is the voice – I will only use music if it compliments the voice and the scenery and helps set the tone of journey / inspiration that I’m hoping for.
  • This same feeling / scenery will be continued as the mountain is climbed / the summit is in sight, maybe with a slight change in tone / voice – climbing the mountain is a representation of the mountains and hurdles we climb / overcome during life (mine being my illness/story in this case). I chose Pen Y Fan as the mountain for this due to it being a part of my Welsh heritage and part of my home turf within the Brecon Beacons / Mid Wales. Pen Y Fan also means a lot to me as it is a marker in terms of time and weak / strong points during my journey as I’ve climbed as a goal after every weak point / surgery hence why I felt it a perfect location to film this. Getting to the summit is a sign of overcoming, resilience and strength physically and mentally.
  • Reaching the summit will be filmed with aim of evoking this feeling through the imagery and sound
  • However, up until this point, although they might have been mentioned, my illness and stoma won’t have actually been shown. When I get to the very recognisable plaque / landmark at the top, I will eventually show my stoma bag.
  • There will be another blank and a black screen with the appearance of my brand name and strapline – OSTO ME – BRINGING THE INSIDE OUT (no other music / sound / visuals at this point)
  • The film will then end
  • The descent of the mountain will not be shown
  • The video will end with a feeling of strength and will evoque emotion
  • Although it may not have marketed a particular product, it will have demonstrated me and my story and in turn, my brand giving the viewer a good idea of what it all may come to and being left with a feeling of empowerment
  • This will act as my initial introductory marketing video to me / the brand, marketing videos to my products can follow in the future – these however, could potentially follow a similar plan / idea with different activities / challenges depending on the product.


Due to shortness of time and different timetables, there are only few days I have to work with to plan the filming of the video. I also have to consider daylight (the sun is currently setting at 4:30pm ish so this rules out filming in the evening) and safety, for example we can’ go in severe weather conditions. As I mentioned, in a perfect world, it would be a lovely bright day with good visibility and sunlight at the peak but I understand that this isn’t always doable at this time of year so we will just have to do what we can.

I have provisionally planned to go on Wednesday the 6th of February, leaving at 10am, with one or two of my peers from Product Design who have some previous camera/film experience.


Despite the forecast for some gloomy weather and, it having snowed some of the previous days, the roads / paths looked fairly clear and not too much rain forecast so we set out to Pen y Fan as outlined in the above plan. Due to health reasons, I was only able to take one of my planned piers so took her through using my camera, and told her what I was aiming to achieve / my plan. We were under some time constriction due to the gloomy weather so I gave her full responsibility of the camera.

We were successful in getting up / down the mountain despite some snowy paths. The visibility from about half way up was very poor and the weather deteriorated the higher we got which meant some rushing / less opportunity for effective shots however we persevered anyway. I was very grateful to my pier for persevering with me and continuing to try and get some shots however, upon arriving home, and uploading the content to my Mac, I realised that the content achieved was not so successful. This was by no fault of anybody in particular I’d say, more so due to the conditions leading to us both being in a rush and not having the time to achieve what I set out to. I do not regret this journey at all and still believe that my vision for this marketing plan could be fully successful and impactful with a few adaptions;

  • Potentially taking multiple cameras that are capable of achieving the different shots desired
  • Potentially hiring a professional videographer
  • A brighter (preferably) summers day


Below are some of the still shots from the day;



I’m going to do my best trying to edit the clips that I’ve got, but I’m not hopeful that I’m going to be able to achieve what I would have liked at all. A temporary idea I could use for the time being otherwise could follow a similar structure but just using images of my different travels / adventures over the past few years with the same music / voice over plan.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 14.20.30
Evidence of the amount of video footage we took

I am disappointed by this but again, have to appreciate the time constraints and know that in the future, with the correct facilities, I have a strong idea that I believe in for a video marketing campaign. In the meantime, I aim to create some marketing imagery that I could use instead to demonstrate and market my business / brand.





Despite not managing to achieve what I wanted to in terms of a video marketing strategy, I’m pleased with the collection of imagery I’ve developed – this imagery I wanted to reflect the positivity, strength, aspiration, motivation and adventure of my brand/business. As already mentioned, I’m going to work to continue developing my graphic communication abilities to create better quality, clearer imagery. And, as I spoke about previously, I’m going to arrange a retake of the Pen Y Fan trip and arrange some of the extra final touches that I spoke of to enable me to achieve the exact type of content I wanted.

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