Having had a couple of busy days working on our live project, it was a shock (in a nice way) to be thrown straight into our new brief for the following weeks/months having been away from subject for so long, it was lovely to all be back together.

I’m not going to lie, manufacturing process’ is neither my strong or favourite point so I was slightly disheartened with this being the first lecture of the morning. However, field has taught me to push myself out of my comfort zone and made me understand the importance of knowing all aspects of things despite not necessarily enjoying them all. Part of my negativity towards the subject of manufacturing process’ is not the fact that I’m not interested in it but, the fact that I have a form of epilepsy that affects the memory and problem solving part of the brain so therefore, I sometimes find it really difficult or, impossible, to understand and remember certain process especially when they’re changing, involve lots of steps and remembering the process of how things work together. Its very difficult to explain, but I find these process’ extremely difficult to figure out and understand let alone to remember them which can be extremely frustrating. However, I tried to not let this get in the way and made sure to take as many notes as possible during Paul’s lecture. This was the first time we were properly introduced to Paul, I enjoyed his teaching style and the style of his presentations. Bearing in mind what I previously explained, I found some of the graphics and videos he used extremely helpful in trying to get me to visualise and understand the steps of some of the process’ he was talking of alongside the handouts of the different finished examples. The lecture was quite fast paces but having all of these examples kept things interesting and did help me a little in trying to visualise and remember things. Despite all of this, I really do enjoy discovering how things actually work/are produced and this really made me realise the importance of designing with these different process’ in mind – this is something I’ve never properly considered in the past and designed very much with aesthetic in mind initially then having the worry of figuring out how something will actually be produced, where and what out of – this is a part of briefs that I’m usually stressing about last minute having done everything else and counting this as a final touch when actually, this stuff forms the basis of a product and therefore should be considered from the very initial stages.

Paul iterated the importance that CAD would play within this project (much to my disgrace again as this isn’t a strong point of mine). It was useful though that he took it back to basics getting us to design an extrusion of our initials following similar guidelines to those if you were sending this as a design to be manufactured as an extrusion. Despite looking and being a simple task, I genuinely struggled and got stressed out with it – solid works and I definitely need to get to know each other again having not been in contact for quite some time. Its not exactly perfect, but I did manage to get an extrusion of my initials (to nearly the correct spec) within my lunch hour.

Moving on into the afternoon, I was looking forward to discovering the actual brief as we hadn’t yet been told. I knew that it was going to be CAD/CAM themed and that tutors were very excited about it, but I didn’t know it would be themed robots. Initially I pictured human liked robots as in films but soon discovered that robots are much more than this and that a lot of technology that helps you or, does a task for you is in fact, a robot. I think Claires presentation was really good with an interesting mixture of informative important information with regards to the project and interesting visuals to help show and explain this information. It was really nice to have all of the other staff members that will be involved in the project in the room at the same time too giving input when necessary.

However, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty overwhelmed and worried by the brief with it being something completely out of my comfort zone, unlike anything we’ve done before and, as mentioned previously, something which revolved around a lot of my weak points. I don’t want this feeling to hinder me too much and hope to use it as an opportunity to work upon and improve these weak points. Initially I was disappointed by it being another group project (having mixed experiences in the past), I was glad to discover that these groups would be made up of one BA and one BSC student which made me feel a little better as this is a useful combination of knowledge and skill for a project like this one. This is such a big project with so many strands to it and so many varying deliverables, having felt a little overwhelmed, I feel like the initial tasks that Claire set to get us in the right minds of thinking were really effective/enjoyable. She explained this as a task and form of ideation that they always used as a beginning of a project in PDR and I really enjoyed it/found it useful – this is certainly a task that I will take forward into future group projects in particularly group projects. I also like that we were left as larger groups to begin with to form these ideas before splitting into our smaller specific groups.

It was really interesting to hear the different swing each group had taken on their task ideas depending on which scenario/room of the house they’d been given to work with. Some had big tasks whereas others concentrated on singular (quite simple) tasks. We went on to learn that for this project in particularly, we’re to draw our focuses in on the singular, fairly simple, repetitive tasks in order to set an achievable goal/outcome. Over the weekend, I’m going to keep a list of tasks that I notice as things that would be handy for a robot to complete instead – I aim to be really aware of things and note anything I can think of initially without being too precious or worried about it being achievable or not (within reason). I paired up with Adam as a BSC partner for this project. I feel like we get on well and are very similar in our commitment and workloads. We often seek feedback from each others work and like different elements of each others work styles. I look forward to working together and bringing our different ideas/styles together to see what we can create. I hope to begin doing some very initial research before coming back on Tuesday so that I have a better basic understanding of the brief and the market that we’re designing for/in (despite not having chosen a specific task yet).


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