Tuesday 26th February – ROBOTS

This morning we began with another design for manufacture lecture with Paul. I have similar feedback and feelings to last week with regards to this lecture and its format / my understanding of what was going on. I think its something that I’m just going to have to really try to stick with and understand as much as I can without getting too frustrated with myself. I’m going to look back to my notes and the video links provided in my own time to try and better in-bed the information.

Moving on to the afternoon, we focused on prototyping techniques and different methods/levels of prototyping with Gareth. I found this really useful as a recap having not prototyped or in fact, worked the Product Design studio for what feels like a long  while. It reminded me of the different methods for use when prototyping and achieving different levels of fidelity. This lecture also reminded me of the importance of experimenting with 3D form in this manner and its difference to 2D sketching.

We moved onto getting back into our pairs with this being our first official meeting and discussion with regards to the project and our ideas. Adam and I began by chatting through some of the ideas we’d began thinking of separately over the weekend – we then started putting our favourites/the ones we felt had most potential down on post it notes. Again, we further discussed these as well as getting some feedback off our colleagues and lecturers.

Our list of favourite ideas / ideas we felt had most potential to take forward for further discussion
Researching our chosen idea and trying to gain inspiration from existing products of gaining understanding of how our product might work


Very basic initial ideation

The idea behind our product is that stereotypically, when women and men live together, they have some certain pet hates – one of these being the fact that men often leave the toilet seat(s) up/open having been to the loo which leads to somebody, usually the women, complaining as they have to touch the seat to shut it again so that they can use the loo.



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